24 hours away from the kids

Once a year, my husband and I are lucky enough to find a friend willing to spend 24 hours with our kids.  Don’t get me wrong, the kids are great but the idea of 4 kids for someone that doesn’t have 4 kids is, well let’s just say, not exactly their idea of a fun weekend.

But this weekend we did find a great friend (mother of 5 who’s youngest is 17) to come a hang out with our gang. The kids love her so we left with only a few tears.

24 hours doesn’t sound like much but it’s enough. It’s enough to enjoy a day without routine and schedules.  To find a bit of space together, instead of a mom and dad, a couple with a secret.  To read our own book rather than one for the kids.  To talk without interruption (except to order another glass of wine!).

Being in a small country has advantages when it comes to 24 hours. The ocean is a 40-minute drive away, so that’s where we go. Beach, dunes, the smell of the sea… All you really need right?



I get away a couple of times a year on my own without my husband and kids which I also love.  I always find it hard to leave though I know deep down that I am a better person if I get my own space. Travelling makes me feel like my old self somehow. I only realize how much my life revolves around a lot of people when I step out of it.

Do you get away with your partner?

  • http://www.just4baby.co.uk/acatalog/Quinny.html Quinny Buzz

    I have never been apart from my kids. I take them wherever I travel.

  • Kat Mommy

    Kind of hard to do when you’re a single parent, and the grandparents would call me a “Bad Mom” for doing this, but not for leaving my kid in daycare with strangers all day long.

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