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Lianne Phillipson is the founder of Sprout Right, a company that specializes in pre-conception, prenatal, and postnatal nutrition for women, as well as good food and health for the whole family. With over ten years of experience, Lianne is a registered nutritionist, member of the International Organization of Nutrition Consultants, and mother of two. Lianne is passionate about the environment. Her commitment to a healthy, environmentally balanced lifestyle is reflected in both her personal life and the Sprout Right philosophy. Organic food, recycling, and environmental conservation are all integrated into the workshops and cooking classes. Lianne has a number of interests outside of nutrition. She is the mother of two daughters, and an active contributor to their school programs, as well as an IFR reflexologist, aromatherapist, and Reiki master.

How to Avoid the Winter Flu’s

It’s cold and dark outside. Yes winter is coming and we all know what that means—colds, flu, and other bugs flying around the office, school or daycare, and then brought home to circulate the family. So far I’ve heard of Norwalk hitting hard, lingering coughs and colds, but not the flu… yet. Whether you find yourself achy all over, warming up with a fever, that scratchy throat feeling or nose is running like a tap, it means...

December 3, 2010 Read Blog

Imagine…A Healthy Halloween

Halloween can be a parent’s worst nightmare. Just picture those sugar-infused little bodies that ultimately crash at the end of a late night in the form of one doozy of a tantrum. Now that’s a scary Halloween. How are you going to deal with your little gremlin this October 31st? Here are my top six tips for parents to survive Halloween, avoiding the extreme sugar highs and lows: * Plan a pre-holiday family meeting –...

October 27, 2010 Read Blog

Brown Bag Lunches

It’s back to school time which means it’s also back to routine and the crazy morning rush. Even if your kids are too young for the big kids school yet, there’s a different groove to the day and with the start of new programs, lunch is often taken on the go. With one of the most common complaints by parents being what to pack in those darn lunches—here are some ideas for you. Cool vs. Healthy Lunch not only needs to be a...

September 7, 2010 Read Blog

What makes you a wiz at homemade baby food?

The start of feeding baby solids excites most parents, but for some, takes them to a place of uncertainty and even panic. When a friend of mine suggested to me that I offer cooking classes for new moms, my first thought was “Why, it’s so easy to make baby food?” Her reply was “…well I don’t know how”. After doing some market research (or talking to everyone I knew about the idea), I found that she wasn’t the only one...

August 19, 2010 Read Blog

My daughter’s broken again?

We’ve just been through my daughter’s third broken bone (or technically fractured) and she’s only four years old. Is it bad luck, genetics or that her bones aren’t strong enough? I don’t know and I’m not sure who’s going to give me an answer. She did fall about six feet from a tree fort that her dad’s building for her and her sister, so some might say (and I thought too) that the fall was worthy of something being broken,...

June 25, 2010 Read Blog

Mommy brain … it’s back?!

In my world, ‘mommy brain’ (forgetfulness, lack of concentration, and even feeling depressed) is a real phenomenon. I read a article in Time Magazine quoting a book written about ‘Mommy Brain’ which said that in neurological tests, women actually got smarter as a result of pregnancy and becoming a new parent and that mommy brain wasn’t a real issue. I can see where they are coming from in a way, the neuroscientists found in the brains...

May 17, 2010 Read Blog

My First Post Ever

Welcome to my first blog… ever! This is a new thing for me although I do a lot of writing for websites, and I’ve been told blogging is similar… I’ll let you be the judge! So let me introduce myself so you know who’s behind these new weekly posts. I’m a mom of two lovely daughters, a nutritionist, entrepreneur, and am totally passionate about food and how to best feed moms, babies, and families. I started my company, Sprout...

March 29, 2010 Read Blog

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