Sometimes things get lost…

My house is kind of like Mary Poppins’ purse. Or a black hole. I have to admit that we have a lot of ‘stuff’. Lots of toys, clothes, shoes, books, DVDs and so much more. As my husband says, “it’s all rubbish” AND just to add to all of my stuff, whenever people come over, they tend to leave their stuff here too. All the time. I should have a “lost and found” bin.

BUT even with all of this ‘stuff’ I always manage to know where things are. EXCEPT for car keys, my husband’s wallet, his watch and his sunglasses. If you look at what gets lost around here it all has something to do with him – I don’t think I have to spell it out for you.

Recently, our daycare couldn’t find my son’s swim shorts. Then they couldn’t find his flip flops. A week after that, his crocs went missing. Within two weeks – three of his things went missing. They checked everywhere and nothing turned up. Annoying to say the least.

I was ok with the first item, although I did wonder how they could have possibly misplaced his swim shorts. You put them on, you go swimming and when you’re done, they go in your bag. Huh.

But then the flip flops? Kind of weird. You walk down to the pool in your flip flops, you go swimming and then you walk back up – barefoot? Huh.

THEN the crocs are missing… You walk into the daycare, remove your boots and put your crocs on. At the end of the day you take your crocs off and then you put your boots on. Huh.

I also just want to throw this in for shits and giggles: One day when I picked him up at daycare, on a swim day, he wasn’t wearing socks. Double huh.

Anyway – I’m a pretty easygoing person, but at this point I had to complain. This was going to be expensive to have to replace these things. For the record, I label everything. I also know that just because it has a label on it doesn’t mean that it will magically appear… “but I labeled it!” What I hope will happen is that when another parent looks through their kid’s things and sees something with my kid’s name on it, it will make its way back to my house. Or not.

My point here is – well I don’t really have a point but the daycare did eventually find my son’s stuff… all except for his flip flops.

If you have a pair of black and yellow Transformers flip flops in a size 12 they belong to me. I’d also like to add: If your kid is wearing my kid’s flip flops… ew.

Here’s the clincher: The shoes that he keeps at school – you guessed it. Missing. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

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