Shira Stein

Shira Stein is the lead Mom Rep at online baby and parenting gear company, She drives many of the company’s product selections based on experience, testing and customer feedback. In addition, she provides moms and dads with real world advice about the ups and downs of parenting and helps them navigate this special journey. The dream of PishPoshBaby was born out of a desire to find the more reliable baby products and advice available to real moms just like you. Their high-quality online store supplies facts and advice to parents who are completely lost in the whirlwind of baby gear. Visit their site at for more information and follow their blog. You can also “LIKE” them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @pishposhbaby, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Tried and Tested Travel Tips

It's inevitable—especially with the holidays around the corner—parents, at some point, must travel by air with your kids in tow. When that day comes, knowing what and how to pack for the flight and trip can save you time, space, effort, money and your sanity! Don’t be worried that your flight with the kiddos will be nothing short of a total stress-fest. With a little planning and organization (and face it, patience!), your holiday travels...

November 20, 2014 Read Blog

Top Pregnancy Myths Debunked

The minute you announce you’re pregnant, well-meaning friends, family and even strangers feel the urge to share their pregnancy stories and an array of pregnancy myths that you never asked for. You may find some of the stories amusing while others may send you into a state of unnecessary neuroses. While I can’t prevent the pregnancy and birth stories for you, I can debunk many of the popular pregnancy myths (according to pediatricians and...

November 6, 2014 Read Blog

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