Debbie Fazio

Debbie Fazio is a Baby Parenting Coach. She is certified as a Postpartum Doula, Newborn Care Specialist, Infant Sleep Consultant, Happiest Baby Instructor and Infant & Toddler Sign Language Instructor. She has over 7000 hours working directly with newborns and their parents including many sets of multiples. Being a mother of three children, including a set of twins, has enabled her to be compassionate, non-judgmental and knowledgeable in her role in helping parents. Debbie has supported many families around the world with issues from newborn care to sleep nurturing for families with one baby as well as families with multiples. Debbie is committed to empowering parents with the tools to help them transition into parenthood with confidence and love so they can enjoy the precious moments with their baby. Visit her website at Precious Moments Babeez

Why do babies need to learn how to self soothe? A great question!

Many of our clients ask, “How do I teach my baby to self soothe?” not many ask, “Why do I need to teach my baby to self soothe?” and sometimes as obvious as the answer may seem, some parents really don’t know the answer. Let’s first define what is self soothing. Self soothing is the ability for a baby to fall asleep with little to no help from parents. For babies over 4-6 months, this would include falling back to sleep over night...

July 18, 2012 Read Blog

Travelling with a little one!

Summer travels can be so much fun and a well needed break from the monotonous routines throughout the year. However, parents with young babies can often feel  worried about how changes to their babies routine and schedules can affect them. The most common concern is how to most easily travel with baby without disrupting their norm too much. Here are a few great tips to keep in mind when travelling! 1. If travelling to a destination where...

June 5, 2012 Read Blog

Teething sucks!

If you can imagine the worst tooth ache you have ever had, coupled with a headache and ear ache and times that by 3…that’s what your tiny little baby is feeling when teething. Teething can cause so much distress for baby and parents alike. The common signs of teething are biting and drooling but unfortunately that’s not all your baby may feel when going through active teething. Active teething is when your baby’s teeth are cutting...

May 22, 2012 Read Blog

The Myth of Cry It Out!

In my travels I have come to realize that parents are a bit confused about what cry-it-out means. Cry-it-out is not a method in itself. There are so many different types of sleep training methods that use cry-it-out but there are so many different ways and variations of it. Cry-it-out simply means that with whichever method you have chosen to use for your sleep training process, that there will inevitably be some crying involved. There are 3...

February 24, 2012 Read Blog

Make bath time fun!

We all know how nice it is to get our hair washed and our back massaged, so why do babies sometimes cry when getting bathed. You would think they would love it! Many parents are confused and lost when it comes to making bath time less stressful. Here are some tips to help make your bath time more fun with less crying….from both baby and parents! Babies hate the cold so you really need to limit how long they are feeling that cold. Make sure...

January 11, 2012 Read Blog

Allow me to introduce myself…

Hello, My name is Debbie. I am a mother of three beautiful little girls, 11 year old twins and a 12 year old. Sometimes I wish I could turn the clock back 11 years when I had three children under 18 months. If I had only known then what I know now. Life seemed to be so hectic. There was always someone to care for and very little time to enjoy anything. With three small babies and a husband who worked incredible hours (which seems to be the...

December 16, 2011 Read Blog

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