Bicycle Built for Six

Lianne is a Canadian mother of four, entrepreneur and author of Lianne’s Quick Guide - for the busy woman. Her first title is called Babies 0-6 months and can be purchased directly from her website. She lives & works just outside of Amsterdam and can usually be found biking around on her bicycle built for six. You can follow her on Facebook and on Twitter

A bicycle built for six

I had four kids in four years. No twins. No joke. Why does someone have four kids in four years? I hadn’t really even planned on having one. Then one day, in my 30’s, my body had a different idea and there I was, pregnant with my first and in big-time panic. What would happen to Me? My life as I knew it? My freedom? My friends? I went through mourning (yes, this is a bit over the top but it seemed to help me) of my old life, cried a...

February 3, 2012 Read Blog

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