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I started Oh Baby! Magazine with my husband during my first pregnancy. My love of writing and my obsession with magazines paired with my husband’s many skills have proven to be a great combination. I'm from Toronto - born and raised - and I've been married for eight years. Since the inception of Oh Baby! I've had two babies, Andreas and Alexandra . What a ride it's been! I’d like to share with you my struggles with trying to find this so-called – and I think unachievable - “balance” I keep reading about… Follow Sandy E on Twitter

Wordless Wednesday: Punta Cana Edition

Andreas & Alexandra absolutely loving Club Med in Punta Cana. It was an unforgettable vacation for the entire family.

April 17, 2013 Read Blog

One on One with a Mom Entrepreneur: Corinne McDermott

Life isn’t supposed to end when you have a baby, especially if so much of your life involves travelling. Mom entrepreneur Corinne McDermott ran into this problem just before heading back to work after her maternity leave but had nowhere to turn for information. “I turned to the Internet expecting to find a ‘Trip Advisor’ for families with babies and toddlers, and it didn’t exist,” said McDermott, “In fact, everything I could...

April 16, 2013 Read Blog

Like Chips? Try Kale Chips

I know – not quite the same, true, it’s not. But, they are crunchy, they are a little salty and kale is so good for you. Full of Vitamin A, Vitamin K and Vitamin C as well as B vitamins, fibre and even some Omega 3s! Experiment with this recipe a bit and don’t give up. It took 3 batches before my whole family started really enjoying a bit of Kale Krunch! Recipe Wash and dry kale. Rip into bite size pieces off the center...

April 15, 2013 Read Blog

Diaper Rashes

Chances are, your baby will have at least one diaper rash in his young life. Don’t fret, here are some examples of rashes and how to treat them: A simple irritation rash is caused by moisture and ammonia from urine and stool rubbing against the skin. With this type of rash the diaper area of your baby is red but the folds are not. In order to clear up this type of rash you should try to change diapers whenever they are wet, use scent free...

April 12, 2013 Read Blog

Earth Day In Hollywood: Celebrity Families Go Green

Hollywood is going green! On April 22, more than one billion people around the globe will participate in Earth Day. In celebration, let’s take a look at eco-friendly celebrities like Jessica Alba, Mario Lopez, and Tori Spelling who inspire others to protect Mother Nature. Look through our list of high-profile families who minimize their carbon footprint. ◦   Tori Spelling: Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are proud parents...

April 12, 2013 Read Blog

Benefits of Baby Wearing

I’d like to tell you about babywearing. It may be something you are looking into or it may be something you don’t know too much about or have thought about. As a first time mom I had no idea how babywearing would make life with baby peaceful, easier and how close it would bring my son and I. Babywearing is a simple practice of carrying your baby/toddler in a sling, Mei Tai (MT), wrap or soft structured carrier (SSC). There are many on the...

April 11, 2013 Read Blog

Finger Food Ideas

The first six months of food introduction (usually from six to 12 months of age) are intended more as a sensory experience than to replace the nutrition provided by breastmilk and/or formula. Complementary foods teach your child about new textures, tastes, and colours so it’s important to offer a variety of different finger foods in addition to the purees or solids you may have already introduced. Babies and children love flavour (just like...

April 11, 2013 Read Blog

Teething Time

As a daddy to six kids, I know as well as anyone that every child is different. And in the spirit of uniqueness, teething often varies from baby to baby. So if you think your baby is teething, here’s what you can do to help: Get the Toys: All babies teethe at one time or another, and numerous amounts of toys are available to help soothe your child’s achy gums. One of my absolute favorites, as I’ve used it time and again, is Sophie the...

April 11, 2013 Read Blog

Pregnancy Is Not An Illness

With all of the research that has been released to-date, it is still advised that if you are pregnant, you must be “cautious”, not overexert yourself and “be careful” when it comes to exercise. Don’t mistake the fact that during pregnancy you do need to modify, adjust and maybe (on some days) be careful, but this is not a blanket statement that should be used across the board. Just as, if you weren’t pregnant, you would use...

April 11, 2013 Read Blog

Chevron Stripe Crib Sheeting

This simple zigzag pattern creates a bold backdrop that’s made for mixing and matching. 200-thread count, made of pure organic cotton percale.

April 11, 2013 Read Blog

Ditch the Sleepover Anxiety

As you know every child is different, and with that being said some children might encounter sleepover anxiety. Don’t fret though. You can help them succeed and move beyond their anxiety to enjoy in this fun and exciting childhood ritual. With seven kids of my own I’ve learned some tricks over the years that have helped each of my children make it through the night away from home successfully. Talk to Them: I am a firm believer in the...

April 11, 2013 Read Blog

Avocado Smoothie

When to Introduce:  4 - 6 months Ingredients: 2 ripe avocados 2 ripe bananas 1 ripe pear 1 cup water Directions: Thoroughly wash the fruit. Cut the avocados in half and remove the pit. Scoop out the "meat" and put into blender. Peel the bananas and put into blender. Cut the top and bottom off of the pear and then cut into wedges, making sure you remove the core area. Place into blender. Pour in 1 cup of water (more or less depending...

April 10, 2013 Read Blog

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