Benefits of Baby Wearing

By: Erica Ashmore baby wearing

I’d like to tell you about babywearing. It may be something you are looking into or it may be something you don’t know too much about or have thought about. As a first time mom I had no idea how babywearing would make life with baby peaceful, easier and how close it would bring my son and I.

Babywearing is a simple practice of carrying your baby/toddler in a sling, Mei Tai (MT), wrap or soft structured carrier (SSC). There are many on the market and I’ll be sharing with you some of the best brands out there.

Here are just some of the benefits of babywearing:
– It decreases the risk of pagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) also it’s a great alternative to tummy time.
– Babywearing helps premature babies gain weight, also known as Kangaroo Care when baby is worn skin to skin the baby is often calmer.
– Sheer convenience! You can be hands free and get around town stroller free.
– Provides closeness and security. Babies worn regularly cry less!
– It can strengthen your pelvic floor and core.
– You will get lots of snuggles and kisses. The best part of babywearing.
– It’s the easiest way to soothe your infant/toddler.
– It also provides magic sleeping baby dust as baby is familiar with your rhythm as you move around.



Wraps can look intimidating but they are actually easy to use. Manufacturers have excellent videos you can learn from and what makes wraps so wonderful is they are comfortable and distribute weight evenly. It’s simply a piece of carefully constructed material that comes in a variety of lengths depending on your height and weight.

Je Porte Mon Bebe is a hybrid wrap — meaning it’s a cross between woven and stretch. It is gaining popularity in North America for its excellent tutorials, quality and ease to get you into wrapping as all you need to know is one knot and you can easily leave it pre-tied. This is a great wrap for the early newborn days and can last you all the way up to the early toddler days. You can wear baby on the front, hip and back in this hybrid wrap.


Soft Structured Carriers

This style of carrier has a main body that fastens with straps that has buckles and clips. It is easy to use and adjustable.

Tula is the ultimate SSC for comfort; this can be used from newborn to toddler. Tula carriers offer the best in a comfy deep seat and great knee to knee support for the infant/toddler. It has excellent accessories such as a newborn insert and Free to Grow leg extenders so you maintain proper knee-to-knee support for the infant for maintaining healthy spine and hip support. It also has soft padding on the side for baby’s legs.


Mei Tais

MTs are a traditional Asian inspired carrier made of material and straps to tie and secure baby in a comfortable hold.

Moa Po is a fantastic carrier that is also easy to use and super comfortable. In fact I find it the comfiest of Mei Tai styles. It has wider straps for comfort and flexibility, you can carry baby on the front, hip and back, made from organic cotton twill and uses environmentally friendly dyes. It can also be reversed with a solid print on the other side. It’s so versatile and truly an excellent carrier.



Baby wearing safety:
– Baby is high enough so he/she is close enough for parent to kiss the top of it’s head.
– Keep chin off chest when wearing your newborn until the child has proper head control. Always pay attention to this regardless of age, whether in a carrier, stroller, swing or car seat. You should be able to slide two fingers under baby’s chin.
– Keep baby in an upright position respecting babies natural curve in the spine. This will also support them in tummy to tummy time by building their core and help with digestion.
– Double check that baby’s knees bend higher than their bum for a comfy “M” position. Try to make sure you have knee-to-knee coverage so baby is properly supported for hip development.

Happy baby wearing!
Erica Ashmore is a stay at home mom of one with twin girls on the way. Hailing from Winnipeg, MB she now resides in Toronto, ON. Erica is the blogger behind and is a self-proclaimed babywearing junkie. She also reviews new carriers to the market and also helps launch new and expanding brands through her blog, shop and social media.

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