One on One with a Mom Entrepreneur: Corinne McDermott

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Life isn’t supposed to end when you have a baby, especially if so much of your life involves travelling. Mom entrepreneur Corinne McDermott ran into this problem just before heading back to work after her maternity leave but had nowhere to turn for information.

“I turned to the Internet expecting to find a ‘Trip Advisor’ for families with babies and toddlers, and it didn’t exist,” said McDermott, “In fact, everything I could find online about travelling with a baby either sounded like a press release, or clearly wasn’t written by parents with young children – or even parents!”

After she returned to work, she started looking into creating a site that would do just that – help parents travel with their babies. A
few months later, was born.

McDermott’s mission: “To inspire, motivate and help families travel with babies, toddlers and young children.”

A few (successful) years later, the next logical step for McDermott was to become a travel agent and help parents book their vacations. “While I thought I was implementing the ‘help’ part of that mission by introducing new parents to the destinations and accommodations that would welcome them, I realized that is only part of the issue,” said McDermott, “Being able to help navigate the booking process and also to be available for questions before, during, and after their trips is truly realizing my mission.”

But McDermott isn’t done just yet! “My ultimate goal is to one day grow Have Baby Will Travel to be a parent’s first and only stop
to planning trips and vacations with their babies and toddlers. And then I can start my next project…”

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