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My name is Lisa, a GTA Mom... and the Mom behind The Baby Bottom Line. I love Mommy sites, product testing and dishing about them with other Moms! I am a mother to a preemie princess born in March 2009 and a Mama’s boy born in December 2012. I am the one person that if you don't want a truthful answer...don't ask me the question. Yes, I will tell look fat in that dress, no..those shoes don't go well with that belt...or don't bother buying that baby product because you'll never use it! Trust me, sometimes you just need a truthful answer, hear that someone else has gone through the same thing or just someone to talk and connect with for support. If that's what you're looking for, I'm here to dish about it!

Kids are right….sometimes!

When we decided to tell M she was going to be a big sister we really didn’t know if she would “get” the whole concept. Hubby tried and it didn’t click. I explained it in a bit of a different way and it was like you actually saw the light bulb go off. She ran around the room then even offered up her room and her toddler bed. It was really cute and she is SUPER excited to be a big sister! Once we told our family and friends everyone...

September 14, 2012 Read Blog

Spitting Image: Celebrities & Their Little Lookalikes

Who are some of the closest lookalike mother-daughter duos in Hollywood? What about father-son, or father-daughter, or even mother-son pairs? Celebrity Baby Scoop takes a look through 15 celebrities and their spitting images. From Reese Witherspoon and daughter Ava, to the late Heath Ledger and daughter Matilda, to Gwyneth Paltrow and daughter Apple, take a look at Tinseltown’s mini mes. Reese Witherspoon and her 13-year-old...

September 14, 2012 Read Blog

Lisbon with kids… it can be done – quite easily

I find that when you visit a foreign country, how enjoyable your experience is greatly depends on where you sleep. I’ve heard, “I don’t care what my hotel room is like because we’re only there to sleep.” Nope. That doesn’t ring true for me. Call me what you will... a hotel room snob... whatever, but I like to stay in a place where I know my kids will be safe, where I can walk around barefoot, have a lovely shower or bath and sleep in...

September 13, 2012 Read Blog

Helping Your Kids With Homework

If you have kids in grade school then you know first hand how challenging it can be to get your children to do their homework without a fight. Well with six kids of my own (and one more on the way) I’ve learned a thing or two about homework. Teaching your child the importance of education at a young age and encouraging good study habits will help them throughout college and beyond. Routines are Key: Together with your child, develop a...

September 13, 2012 Read Blog

oogaa Baby Mealtime Set

Consisting of a colorful 9oz bowl and 2 spoons. No more chips, breaks or loud noises when these bowls go whoops-a-daisy. BPA free, no harsh chemicals and easy to clean. Dishwasher safe, microwave safe, freezer safe, and oven safe.

September 13, 2012 Read Blog

Where to Find Nutrient-Packed Baby Food Online

Parents are savvy these days. They want the best for their babies, and they won't rest until they find it. Lots of moms and dads know that commercial baby food on the market today does not contain the nutrients needed for optimal growth and protection against illness. You may not, however, know where to find quality baby food or why you should consider buying specialty foods online. Commercial Baby Food Lacking Researchers estimate that...

September 11, 2012 Read Blog

Back to school lunch. How about this year, your kids make it for themselves?

Let’s face it… as parents we all despise making school lunches. Not only is it time consuming but it’s even more frustrating when the lunch boxes come home full, accompanied by complaints that this lunch ‘was gross mommy’. Enough is enough. This year hand the lunch making responsibility over to your kids! Yes, they can do it. Guidelines of what must be included gives kids a way to be creative with their lunch. Even if the idea...

September 11, 2012 Read Blog

5 Celebrity Moms Share Back To School Advice

For many families, the back to school rush can be overwhelming and chaotic. Some of our favorite celebrity moms are helping to alleviate some of that stress and anxiety by sharing their best advice. From Elisabeth Hasselbeck‘s G-Free snacks, to Bethenny Frankel‘s best bargains, to Brooke Burke-Charvet‘s must-haves, read some great back to school tips from Hollywood’s moms. ◦   Brooke Burke-Charvet: Dancing with the...

September 7, 2012 Read Blog

Helping Your Child Adjust to a New Sibling

Helping your child (or children) wrap their minds around the idea that they’re going to have a new sibling can sometimes be difficult – especially for a first-born child. This is something I’ve experienced many times as a daddy to six with one more on the way. Throughout the years, I have learned several things that help ease the transition of bringing home a new baby. Open Dialogue: As many of you know from my past articles, I believe...

September 6, 2012 Read Blog


Deciding to have another child after you’ve had a preemie is probably one of the most difficult ones you can make. There are a million questions that run through your head and literally, you not only have to take a look at your options, but also decide if you’re willing to take the risk again. Well we made our decision and really got pregnant the first week of trying. Yes, that’s right, M is going to be a big sister in January! I’m...

September 5, 2012 Read Blog

Banking child’s umbilical cord stem cells gives Parents Peace of Mind

“You’re Pregnant!” two of the sweetest words to someone wanting to become a parent. It’s at this moment, parents-to-be start thinking about all of the things they can do to have a healthy pregnancy and ensuring their baby is born healthy. They might also start contemplating other important issues for their baby’s future welfare– life insurance, wills and savings for post-secondary education. Hearing those two sweet words marks the...

September 4, 2012 Read Blog

The New Dyson Digital Slim: Nothing Is Out of Reach

Dyson has cut the cord and engineered a new way to clean. Digital Slim™ is a lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner, engineered for nimble high performance cleaning. Weighing-in at a scant 2.26 kilograms, Digital Slim™ has balanced weight distribution for high, low hard-to-reach and in-between spaces. A light aluminum wand reaches from floor to ceiling and can be detached for up-close tasks like car cleaning. At the business end, a motorized...

September 3, 2012 Read Blog

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