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“ME” Time For Mom

We’re moms. We are constantly being interrupted, rushed, spilled upon, emailed, texted, and volunteered. How many times have you packed a perfect suitcase for your kids but forgotten one or more of your own obvious...

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All Fevers Are Not The Same

Did you know  that the temperature of what defines a fever changes depending on what age you are? What is a fever? A fever is the body’s reaction to fighting infection or disease. Fevers are symptoms and often...

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Q & A with Dr Jack Newman

1. I have heard that if a mother is taking medication she must interrupt breastfeeding. A: This is almost never true. The question itself implies that breastmilk and formula are basically the same and therefore even...

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Fall Family Fun: 10 Ideas to Take it...

There is nothing quite like a gorgeous Fall day when the sun is shining and the leaves falling from the trees are every shade of red, yellow and orange.  Even though the temperatures are also falling, this time of year...

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Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves

Every mom wants to make sure that she has everything she needs to make sure her baby is safe and healthy. We’ve put together our must-have list of items for your medicine cabinet that you should have in stock...

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Flu or Meningitis? Recognizing the...

It’s back – yes, unfortunately, cold and flu season is upon us. Most parents would probably like to skip over cold and flu season entirely, but unfortunately that isn’t possible. However, becoming familiar with...

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Moms, Get #BackToYou This Fall

Why YOU Need to Put Yourself First and Five Ways You Can It’s a simple analogy: you are on an airplane travelling with your small child. If you can manage to hear over your kid’s grumblings and see beyond their...

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How to Raise a Child in Today’s World...

It seems like every time you turn around, there’s something new to worry about regarding your children’s safety: Canned vegetables and BPA. Swimming and dry drowning. And now… sunscreen spray and cancer. It’s...

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Back-to-School Lunchbox Love

I say this every year, but weren’t we just celebrating the last day of school?! As summer winds down, it is time to get ready for another exciting school year. Or maybe you are helping your little one get ready for...

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School starts soon - is your child...

Time flies, and before you know it, you’re getting your little ones signed up for daycare or school. Just remember that part of getting them ready is making sure they are up to date on their...

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7 Steps for a Do-It-Yourself Home Detox

1. OPEN THE WINDOWS Air inside is often more polluted than outdoor air. Monitor the quality of the air inside your home and open your windows daily to ventilate, and avoid room fresheners or sprays that contain...

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Let Mom Be The Judge of That

When Peter MacKay, the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, and notably, father of one, made the comments that “women don’t apply to be judges because they fear the job will take them away from their...

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