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Hearing: The First Two Important Years

Babies are able to hear from birth, and respond to sounds starting from a very young age. In order for speech to develop normally, a baby must be able to hear. The first two years is the time during which hearing develops in children. It is...


Milestones from One to Three

Every child grows and develops in steps, going from one milestone to the next. Here’s a quick look at milestones for ages one, two and three. By age one, most children: Interact with their parent or caregiver. Are curious about objects in...


Back to School Photo Tips

For most of us living in Ontario, the first day of school is the day after Labour Day. It's the day the kids (and parents) have been waiting all summer for! I'm sure your children are excited to see their teachers and friends again, and you're...

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Pampers Cruisers

New and improved Pampers Cruisers diapers with Extra Absorb Channels™ help little ones stay drier and do not sag like ordinary diapers* – helping babies go from sag to swag! A poor fitting or saggy diaper can limit babies’ freedom of...

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Sibling rivalry - how to not stretch yourself too thin

LisaI knew that when I had more than one child, there may be some sibling rivalry. What I didn’t know was that it could be out of control to the point where they need time-outs from each other! My word T drives M insane! Like all little brothers, he...

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To pierce or not to pierce

Mummy MadnessIt was just before she turned one. It’s something that I had been putting a lot of thought into since my daughter was born. Every woman in our family had their ears pierced. Most of them had their ears pierced when they were babies. In our...

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Getting Things Done

Double The FunI never realized just how precious time was until I became a mother. Not just in the sense of how fast time flies when they're growing up, but also time in general. A comedy skit that I recently watched covered the difference between going out...

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P is for Potty!

LisaWow... did I have a rude awakening when we potty trained T. Yes, I can’t believe it, we are officially DIAPER FREE PEOPLE!! He took longer to train, but really we never forced the issue at all. No crash courses or pressure. He was in pull-ups for...

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The Terrible Two's Times Two

Double The FunWe've all heard the phrase "The Terrible Two's." After wrapping up the 2nd birthday party shenanigans we all know that it's just around the corner. But for those of us who are first time parents, we have no idea what it means. And boy are we in for...

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Marissa Mayer's Maternity Leave Decision

Mummy MadnessMarissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, recently announced that she is not only pregnant with twins but that just as she did after her last baby was born, she will take a limited maternity leave after the birth this time around again. Of course the internet...

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