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Free Father's Day Printable

Looking for a quick, DIY Father's Day gift idea? Download the free Father's Day printable here. Take a photo. Print it and give to dad!

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How to #Fit30 Minutes of Activity in Your Day

You can #Fit30 minutes of activity into your day. Think of it as fitting in 30 minutes of ME TIME. You know staying active is good for you, you know you will feel better after you do something active, and you know it is important to take care...

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No, YOUR Kids Are The Most Annoying On This Airplane

Tap, tap, tap.  Pause.  Tap, tap.  Pause. Tap, tap, tap, tap. Stop it! At least if you’re going to annoy me with your foot kicking the back of my airplane seat, do it in a regular pattern. Oh wait, you’re four years old and you haven’t done...

Cool Baby StuffsCool Stuff

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Life As A Dad

Every DAD needs something to wear during late night grocery and/or diaper runs, or a trip to the mall while pushing the double stroller on a nice Spring day...toss on the STAMP Hoodie and arrive comfortable, casual and...

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Toddler Jealousy

Mummy MadnessMr T. was two years and a day old when Ms. J burst into our lives. Two years and a day where it was just him. Him and us. We were a threesome and I worried how changing to a foursome was going to impact him. I had heard horror stories of toddler...

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Life as a SAHM

Double The FunI can't believe that it's been an entire month since my last day at work. Time is certainly flying by as a stay at home mom. Having said that, it definitely hasn't been easy. Let me explain. Not only does my full time job now entail a full day...

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Why I Chose to Bank Cord Blood with CReATe

Toddler TrialsI recently had my third baby. He was born very quickly and shares a birthday with his older brother. When we were having Henry (number one!), we toyed with the idea of storing cord blood, but the price tag actually scared us off. This time around,...

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What's in a name?

Mummy MadnessOur baby’s gender was a surprise the first time around. In the months leading up to the due date Mr. C and I were making lists of baby names that we liked. Settling on a name for a baby girl was easy. In fact, I had a name picked out for a baby...

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My Birth Story

Toddler TrialsHow my third baby changed my mind on labour and delivery. My first babe, Henry, was born on a freezing winter day after a long and anxiety inducing induction that I did not want, but had to have due to his being 2 weeks late. That, my first...

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Life Changing Decision

Double The FunSix months ago I wrote my blog entitled 'Toughest Decision Ever.' It was based on my decision to go back to work full time after being home with my twins for two years through mat leave and then an unpaid leave of absence. In January we started...

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