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Choking Prevention

Babies and young children can choke on virtually any object. Tragically, children have died from choking on things such as small balls, tiny toys, balloons, and plants. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, almost sixty percent of choking incidents were...

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Diaper Rash

Diaper rash referred to as diaper dermatitis, is caused by prolonged exposure to wet or soiled diapers. The urine’s wet consistency causes the skin to be tender and become irritated or inflamed. Diaper rash can occur with snug fitting diapers,...

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Baby Crying Patterns

Babies often cry, and at times to the point where parents become worried and upset. The good news is that crying during the first few months of life is common and part of a baby’s normal development. Indeed, some babies seem to cry a lot and...

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Lulla Doll

The Lulla Doll imitates closeness of a caregiver at rest with its soothing sounds of heartbeat & breathing and soft touch. Lulla's unique design is based on scientific research that shows how closeness improves sleep, wellbeing and safety. The...

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Prepping for Preschool

Double The FunI started writing my blogs back when I was put on bed rest while pregnant with the girls. I remember it like it was yesterday; stepping away from my storytelling career to keep my unborn little ones safe, and at the same time needing somewhere to...

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Packing Up

Double The FunYou'd think that when you're packing up to go away during the summertime that would mean less packing. I mean, you're wearing less and lighter clothing so you'd think that would mean less luggage. Well in our house that's definitely not the...

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New Friendships

Double The FunHave you ever noticed over the years the people who you once considered your closest friends sometimes grow farther and farther away? Not physically, but your connection just dwindles for whatever reason. Sometimes it’s to do with your lives...

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Naming guardians for your children

Mummy MadnessIt’s official. I’m hitting my middle aged years. As I begin to hit these middle aged years my life is changing. It’s no longer about what’s happening on Friday night. We already know what’s happening each and every Friday night....

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The POOP Predicament

Double The FunOkay, does the "3-Day Potty Training Method" come with some fine print that I didn't notice? I mean, does every toddler who 'gets it' understand it COMPLETELY? Does it mean that they NEVER again have setbacks once they get it in those first three...

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Smoothie Bowls

Mummy MadnessMy daughter isn’t a breakfast eater. She takes after her father in that way and struggles to eat first thing in the morning. I try and bribe her with waffles and maple syrup, pancakes, eggs and bacon, cereal and she will take a little bite here...

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