Back to School Photo Tips

For most of us living in Ontario, the first day of school is the day after Labour Day. It's the day the kids (and parents) have been waiting all summer for! I'm sure your children are excited to see their teachers and friends again, and you're...

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How to #Fit30 Minutes of Activity in Your Day

You can #Fit30 minutes of activity into your day. Think of it as fitting in 30 minutes of ME TIME. You know staying active is good for you, you know you will feel better after you do something active, and you know it is important to take care...

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No, YOUR Kids Are The Most Annoying On This Airplane

Tap, tap, tap.  Pause.  Tap, tap.  Pause. Tap, tap, tap, tap. Stop it! At least if you’re going to annoy me with your foot kicking the back of my airplane seat, do it in a regular pattern. Oh wait, you’re four years old and you haven’t done...

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Pampers Cruisers

New and improved Pampers Cruisers diapers with Extra Absorb Channels™ help little ones stay drier and do not sag like ordinary diapers* – helping babies go from sag to swag! A poor fitting or saggy diaper can limit babies’ freedom of...

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Treehouse’s Big Day Out is a tradition we never want to give up!

Toddler TrialsLast year, Treehouse TV debuted Big Day Out – a two day “festival” for preschoolers and toddlers centred around a concert featuring our family favourite The Wiggles! I had a chance last year to interview the team about the show, the charity it...

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Bye Bye Cribs

Double The FunHow has the time already arrived that we would be saying goodbye to the cribs? Although the girls have never tried to climb out of them, their sleep was being interrupted because they just didn't have enough room to move around anymore. So we...

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Baby kisses - Do you kiss your little ones on the lips?

Mummy MadnessI’ve been reading articles lately pulling the whole parents kissing kids on the lips debate into the spotlight and shedding some controversy on the practice. Full disclosure. I kiss my kids on the lips. Let me be clear, it is not sexual in...

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Adventures in Postpartum Binding

Toddler TrialsA few years ago, I was outraged at the idea of a celebrity wearing a corset 24/7 in order to get her body back after having kids. Subsequently, I’ve learned about diastasis separation, the pelvic floor and that peeing your pants when you laugh or...

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Pregnancy Etiquette

Mummy MadnessPregnancy evokes so many emotions in people. Not just for the woman who is actually experiencing the pregnancy but also for those who know them and love them and even for strangers who may cross their paths. For some reason, pregnancy causes...

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Routine Examples for Twins

Double The FunSince becoming a twin momma I've been asked by many who have become mommies after me what type of schedule I've had my girls on. I think it's always been more of a routine than a clocked schedule (note: the times listed below fluctuated from time...

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