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Why Does My Baby Hate The Crib?

I can’t tell you how often I hear “my baby does not like his crib” or “my baby has anxiety about the crib”. I understand why you may think this and there is good news. Your baby could love the crib if you give them a chance. It’s...

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Top 10 Toys to Get the Kids Outside

Spring has sprung. I am sure of it this time. The grass is turning green, the patio furniture is calling and I am wearing flip flops! Time to get the kids outside, and keep them out there, as long as possible! The excitement of Spring is usually...

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How to Achieve the Right Quantity and Quality of Sleep for Your Baby

When it comes to baby and toddler sleep one of the most common misconceptions is that if you keep them up all day, they will sleep all night. For every parent who’s tried that we know it’s not true. Sleep begets sleep and when there are large...

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The Munch Mitt

The Munch Mitt is perfect for early teethers  (3-8 months) who can’t grip a typical teether. It is designed so it can be worn on either the left or right hand depending on which baby favours, keeping the other hand free to help guide the Munch...

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Hey Mom, Say Cheese!!!

SandyBeing photographed is not always fun for people who don’t feel like they are looking their best. Aka: new moms. We feel a little heavier than usual, we haven’t slept, probably haven’t had a haircut in ages and are generally not running at...

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Fun Baby Bath Toys

Shira SteinLearning through play is the primary way young children learn and practice new skills.  Bath toys can provide hours of entertainment and education for kids.  When selecting bath toys make sure there are not any cords that could cause choking and...

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Everything you love about Vermont in one little hotel!

SandyBurlington, VT is one of my favourite cities. As I’ve mentioned before I love Burlington and it has an excellent, warm vibe about it. For me it’s a combination of the lake, the trees, the local and organic food, the friendly people and the...

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Celebrating Mother’s Day When you Don’t Have a Mother

Toddler TrialsMy first Mother’s Day as a mother was also my first without mine. It was bittersweet, although looking back, I don’t think I actually enjoyed it at all or was happy about anything. Henry had been born in February, and a few short weeks later, my...

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The Lessons I Have Learned from My Kids

Mummy MadnessWhen I was pregnant with my first baby, I ran through a mental list of all the things I was going to teach him; how to tie his shoe, how to read and how to ride a bike were just a few. It never dawned on me that the lessons were going to run both...

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Sneaky Veggies

Double The FunWhen it comes to eating habits, kids can throw you for a loop. One day they gobble up everything on their plate, then the next time you make them the same meal they barely touch it. Or even worse, you go to the extra trouble of making a very...

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