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Jaq Jaq Bird Doodle It & Go Chalk Book

Welcome to the world of Jaq Jaq Bird: art supplies for kids and kids-at-heart that are fun, easy to use and whimsical. Created by a mom in crisis, as all good products are, Jaq Jaq Bird combines everything that kids...

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Tones for Tots

Introducing ‘Tones for Tots’ - literally the best in class Nursery Safe Furniture Paint from Fusion Mineral Paint. If you haven’t tried Fusion™Mineral Paint yet, believe us when we say you are in for a treat!...

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Balance Blades

Imagine your child not falling backwards while learning to ice skate, that’s Balance Blades. A new beginner ice skate with an innovative blade designed to prevent rear falls when the skate starts to slip out from...

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Treeclub Kids

Treeclub Kids is a family business that makes wooden toys for babies and children. Made in Canada, their toys are designed to support baby's development. Focused on innovative designs and good workmanship they provide...

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Diono Dreamliner Travel Bassinet

The Diono Dreamliner™ is a true home away from home. This lightweight and compact-folding travel bed can be used at home and is also perfectly suited for those little adventures like visiting family or for bigger...

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Blue -Orange

Groove Life

Groove Life will give you one less thing to worry about while active or simply going through your busy day. The innovative ring is made out of a low profile, flexible silicon that is carved with their patented design,...

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Ponchies for Kids

Ponchies are adorable, cozy ponchos for babies and kids that are handcrafted with love in Toronto using locally sourced high quality fleece. Each poncho has drawstrings and snaps at the sides to adjust as your child...

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Milo&Ben creates a colourful world of fun animal characters brought to life through a mixture of unique techniques done by hand. The majority of these are needle felted, a labour intensive process where...

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Ultimate Mum Pillow

Our pillows provide you with better sleep that you so desperately need and deserve, both during and after pregnancy, overnight recovery from lower back strains, pelvic realignment, body support and very importantly a...

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The FlyeBaby is a one-of-a-kind infant airplane seat designed for face-to-face interaction between you and your baby during the cruise portion of the flight. FlyeBaby simply attaches around your waist and to the seat in...

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angel wings

Angel Wings

Angel wings has been a babywearing partner of many European parents. It's finally available in Canada, and introducing the Wool Coat - an elegant blend of wool, designed with versatility in mind. It’s suitable for...

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Bugaboo Classic Collection

The Bugaboo Classic Collection combines timeless elegance with a taste of the outdoors. This latest incarnation of our city to countryside, all-terrain stroller is designed for parents who want to brave the woods,...

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