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My Journey: Coming to Terms with my...

I’ll never forget the day I heard the psychologist utter the words. “Your son has Autism and Global Developmental Delay”, and the relief I felt in hearing them. So relieved, as a matter of fact that I almost...

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Tips for Choosing a Car Seat

Safety is every parent’s number one concern, but sometimes buying a car seat can get complicated. We’ve put together some tips to help you choose which car seat to buy for your precious bundle. Your child’s...

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R.I.E. Parenting? I Prefer M.O.M. or...

Another day, another parenting theory. You know when you hear the words “Currently taking Hollywood parents by storm” that it’s going to be a good one. And by good I mean one that might involve chewing your...

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De-Clutter and Organize this January

Happy New Year. Now that the holidays are over and 2014 has firmly arrived, many of us are facing floors covered with new toys, scary credit card bills and more stuff than we know what to do with. For most, January...

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Babyproof Your Home for the Holidays

With the holiday season well under way, you may be experiencing a bit of holiday stress. With gifts to buy, trips to plan and feasts to prepare, it’s no surprise that this time of year is tiring. Of course, things...

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Holiday Tips from the Sleep Doula

With the holiday season quickly approaching, and all of the special events and visiting that families may partake in, it's not unusual for parents to worry about how this will affect their child's sleep. Have no worry...

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Workout With Your Baby

Let’s face it, it’s not easy to squeeze a workout in when you have a new baby. Our intentions in the prenatal period are great! “I’ll workout when baby sleeps” or “We’ll jog everyday in the stroller” or...

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Momma Ganesh

Be The Boss

Welcome to my new column, Be The Boss.  After writing Funny Mummy for over ten years, my focus, and much of yours, I’m sure, has shifted and I’m going to offering advice, humour, and (of course) commentary on how...

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Holistic Healing with Hazelwood

The beaked hazel, often referred to as “hazel tree” is a species of shrub indigenous to Quebec, and widely spread across Canada. Hazel tree bark has been used in North America for thousands of years. Native American...

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7 Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids

What to do with the kids around Christmas time, other than have them write their wish lists and letters to Santa? Get them busy and helping you out! Who cares if the Christmas tree’s top half is bare. Kids want to...

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One on One with Liz Lange

We really appreciate that the days of flowered muumuus are gone! We were recently given the opportunity to ask Liz Lange, maternity wear designer and entrepreneur, some questions about fashion during pregnancy. How...

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It’s Never Too Young to get Organized...

Most parents often find themselves frustrated at the mess in their home because of their child’s disorganization. To eliminate the frustration and teach children, it’s time to encourage them to join in on the...

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