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Women deserve to feel elegant, proud and beautiful at any age. Bladder leakage can occur unexpectedly at any time and at any age: while exercising, coughing or during an intimate moment with a partner. Being able to wear absorbent underwear at all times enhances peace of mind. The innovative feature of DRC underwear is its overlapping cellulose fibers, which can absorb up to 10 times their weight in liquid in less than half a second. The result is an ultra-thin garment.

This innovative underwear line has been created with the most recent technologies in high performance absorbent fibers. Every underwear has an integrated ultra thin gusset, which quickly absorbs and retains moisture while keeping the skin dry. The first layer wicks away moisture, the second one disperses the liquid throughout the gusset and the last one prevents any liquid from escaping the underwear.



Wicks away any moisture or perspiration
Antibacterial and odorless
Washable and reusable (replacing the need for disposable products)
High quality
Made in Canada
Sizes: small to XXL
Colors: black and beige
Absorption: light, moderate and heavy



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