All Fevers Are Not The Same


Did you know  that the temperature of what defines a fever changes depending on what age you are?

What is a fever? A fever is the body’s reaction to fighting infection or disease. Fevers are symptoms and often mean your child has a minor illness.

However, did you know that the definition of fever changes with age?

Not all fevers are the same depending on age.  What is considered normal temperature in a 4 year old, may be a fever in a baby under 3 months.

A baby under three months, is considered to have a fever when his or her underarm temperature  is at 99°F (37.3 °C) or over. From three months to thirty-six months, your little one has a fever when their underarm temperature is 101.1°F (38.4 °C) or over. Generally speaking, over the age of three through to adulthood, a temperature of 102.9°F (39.4 °C) or over, taken from the underarm, reflects a fever.

The new Braun Age Precision Digital Thermometer is age-adjustable and you just need to set it for the age of the person you are taking a temperature for. Then, depending on whose temperature is being taken, it not only relays the temperature, but its patented Fever Insight also gives a colour coded indication (green, yellow, red) based on the severity of the temperature., taking all guesswork out.

Remember, even with a minor cold, you could  have a fever reaching a temperature of 104°F. If you or your child has a temperature over 104°F, bring them to a doctor and note that a high fever can cause seizures in children. Be sure to call your doctor if the fever lasts more than one day in a child under two years old, or lasts more than three days in anyone over two years old.


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