GiveLuv Gift Cards – Making life Easier, one gift card at a time!


Whether it’s nursing a new baby or nursing a cold, recovering from surgery or recovering from a hectic workweek, GiveLuv Gift Cards is the only gift card redeemable for a variety of services that offer ease in times of need.

Gone is the age-old dilemma: “What do they need?” GiveLuv Gift Cards lets them decide! New parents can enjoy at-home meals and an at-home massage. Busy professionals can receive house cleaning and dog walking. Seniors can have their errands run and be run-around for appointments. The beauty of GiveLuv Gift Cards is not only the freedom to choose, but also the freedom to split a single gift card among multiple merchants for multiple benefits.

Peace of Mind – Priceless!

Life’s everyday to-do-list can sometimes be overwhelming – especially for someone in time of need. Giving GiveLuv Gift Cards lets you send a gift & a helping hand instantly from anywhere in the world to anyone across Canada.

If she/he is busy with a new baby, not feeling well, on bed rest, or in the hospital – Who will make the meals? Who will do the groceries? Who will clean the house? Who will walk the dog? GiveLuv Gift Cards can help with all. And that can mean less time stressing, and more time relaxing and enjoying life!

Your One-Stop Online Gift Shop

GiveLuv Gift Cards start at $50, with zero transaction fees. Gift cards are purchased online, and are sent virtually or may be printed and mailed. Gifts can be redeemed through the website or over the phone. Gift services available across Canada: Alberta (Calgary, Edmonton), British Columbia (Vancouver, Victoria), Manitoba (Winnipeg), New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia (Halifax), Ontario (Toronto Ottawa), PEI, Quebec (Montreal), Saskatchewan (Regina, Saskatoon).
Group Gift?

Have a group of friends, co-workers, or family members who would like to contribute towards a generous group gift? A GiveLuv Gift Cards Group Gift Registry makes it easy for people to contribute online from anywhere in the world!

GiveLuv Gift Cards


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