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DRC Underwear

Women deserve to feel elegant, proud and beautiful at any age. Bladder leakage can occur unexpectedly at any time and at any age: while exercising, coughing or during an intimate moment with a partner. Being able to wear absorbent underwear at all times enhances peace of mind. The innovative feature of DRC underwear is its overlapping cellulose fibers, which can absorb up to 10 times their weight in liquid in less than half a second. The result...

November 10, 2014 Read Blog

GiveLuv Gift Cards – Making life Easier, one gift card at a time!

Whether it’s nursing a new baby or nursing a cold, recovering from surgery or recovering from a hectic workweek, GiveLuv Gift Cards is the only gift card redeemable for a variety of services that offer ease in times of need. Gone is the age-old dilemma: “What do they need?" GiveLuv Gift Cards lets them decide! New parents can enjoy at-home meals and an at-home massage. Busy professionals can receive house cleaning and dog walking. Seniors...

November 9, 2014 Read Blog

Songs With My Name

Personalized CDs for Children Join Elmo, Mickey, the Disney Princesses and The Wiggles, along with Bob and Larry from VeggieTales, as they sing and speak your child’s name in these one-of-a-kind personalized CDs! Each CD features songs and interactive dialogue designed to help kids learn while having fun! The best thing about them is watching your child’s face light up every time one their favourite characters calls them by name. Use...

November 9, 2014 Read Blog

A Dad’s Guide to Sharing the Pregnancy Experience

You’ve just found out your partner is pregnant. Congratulations! Although you can’t fully partake in the pregnancy, most future dads want a front row seat. No, we don’t understand morning sickness or get to feel the first movements, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to experience everything we actually can during the pregnancy. Yes, it is hard for us to totally grasp what our partner is going through, but we’re trying!  Here are a...

November 7, 2014 Read Blog

Top Pregnancy Myths Debunked

The minute you announce you’re pregnant, well-meaning friends, family and even strangers feel the urge to share their pregnancy stories and an array of pregnancy myths that you never asked for. You may find some of the stories amusing while others may send you into a state of unnecessary neuroses. While I can’t prevent the pregnancy and birth stories for you, I can debunk many of the popular pregnancy myths (according to pediatricians and...

November 6, 2014 Read Blog

Top 10 things I loved about being pregnant!

I absolutely loved being pregnant. I would try for a third, but there is usually a baby at the end of those nine to 10 months and well, to be honest, two is about all that I can handle at the moment. As the editor/co-founder of Oh Baby! Magazine I think a lot about pregnancy and here are the top 10 things that I loved about being pregnant: 1. Showing off my belly. I strutted my stuff daily. Tight t-shirts, bikinis on the beach, and not to...

November 5, 2014 Read Blog

One Nap Only

I know many of you can relate. We just bit the bullet and made the switch from two naps with our 19 month old twins to one! I should count my blessings though that they lasted as long as they did. Many of their toddler friends dropped one of their naps months ago. So many people told me that I'd love just one nap a day. That it would give me so much more time and freedom to get things done. I can honestly say that I didn't believe them. I...

November 4, 2014 Read Blog

Q & A with Dr Jack Newman

1. I have heard that if a mother is taking medication she must interrupt breastfeeding. A: This is almost never true. The question itself implies that breastmilk and formula are basically the same and therefore even a little bit of drug in the milk is risky. But chemically breastmilk and formula are very different: the list of ingredients in breastmilk that are missing from formulas would fill several pages of a book. The real question...

November 3, 2014 Read Blog

Veggie Tales Personalized Books for Children

Let the special child in your life be the star in this exciting series of personalized VeggieTales Mission Possible books.  Your child leads the adventure with Bob and Larry and their friends, and is the hero in every book. Each book teaches a character value.  Beautifully illustrated and easy to read, these books make an excellent gift for any young child.  Let the adventures BEGIN! Use code OHBABY to save 15% online or by phone.

November 1, 2014 Read Blog

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