Clek’s Easy Car Seat Cleaning Tips

Courtesy of: Clek_Messy Car Seat 250

Tip #1: When it comes to your child’s car seat, safety is always first, so be sure not to use any harsh chemical cleaning products, soaps or scrubs.

Tip #2: Avoid disassembling the seat itself and do not wash any straps or detachable devices in the washing machine (this can cause deterioration, and potentially damage your car seat). A damp cloth may be used on the straps.

Tip #3: Mix two cups of warm water with one teaspoon of enzyme laundry detergent (e.g. Nature Clean or Tide Free) to form a mixture that works well on most stains.

Tip #4: Follow these simple steps to spot cleaning your messy seat:
• Remove excess soil (can use a soft brush or a vacuum)
• Apply the soap mixture to the stained area
• Agitate stain with a soft brush
• Allow solution to remain on stain for one minute
• Blot up the stain with a dry, white towel
• Thoroughly rinse any remaining soap (can use a spray bottle with water to do this) and blot the area again
• Repeat if necessary

Tip #5: Go the extra mile with a do-it-yourself, organic, fabric refresher spray:
• Fill a spray bottle with a diluted vinegar and water solution
• Add half a teaspoon of essential oil (whichever your preference, can even mix them to create a custom scent)
• Add half a teaspoon of vegetable glycerin, to help emulsify the essential oil(s)
• Move harness straps to the side so as not spray them

If your child loves to snack, gets car sick, or has reflux, you’ll love Clek’s fleet of car seats since they’re so easy to clean!

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