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I was a little bit nervous about becoming pregnant with my second child as I thought I would never be able to love another child as much as I love my son, Nathaniel.
Well, Tina (President, Mississauga location) at UC Baby put that feeling to rest. As I saw our baby move and yawn: I fell in love all over again!

UC Baby is a private ultrasound experience, whereby you get to visit with your baby for an hour at a time, using three dimensional and four dimensional ultrasound images. In three dimensional images you get to see the baby as if you’re looking at pictures in an album, but in the four dimensional experience you get to watch the baby as if you’re watching a video. The experience was, needless to say, amazing!

Firstly, before you begin your session, you get to choose a melody or song that you would like to accompany your video. Of course, my husband having two older brothers that grew up in the 70’s naturally chose a nice melody by Pink Floyd. This music, surprisingly enough, soothed the baby and I for the entire hour.

My son was playing on the floor and every so often looking up at the big screen television – probably hoping to see Thomas! It wasn’t until we heard the heart beat that you could see the sense of curiosity and wonderment in his face. That alone was worth its weight in gold!

Although our baby (sex to be determined upon delivery!) was tired for the most part and kept keeping its hand over its face, Tina was extremely diligent in making sure that our experience was a great one. She explained different anatomical landmarks as well as movements of the baby and tried to ensure that we would get the best pictures and videos of our little angel. We left with a memorable video of our baby moving for an hour (including yawning, smiling and sucking its hand) a CD of all of the pictures taken, an extremely cute teddy bear with a recording of the baby’s heartbeat and an ample bag of coupons and information.




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