Exercise Dos and Dont’s During Pregnancy

Claire Moscone-Biafore ExerciseDosAndDont

Exercise during pregnancy can be beneficial to you and your baby but must be done with caution: remember pregnancy is not a time to train for that marathon! Here are some dos and dont’s for exercising for “two” and as always consult your physician first.

Don’t start a new exercise regimen during your pregnancy. The rule of thumb is that if you’ve been doing your exercise routine a minimum of six months prior to getting pregnant, then you can still continue as long as you modify it during your second and third trimester. If you have never exercised prior to getting pregnant and have been cleared by your physician, you can start a walking regimen in the second trimester as most of the baby’s forming stages have been completed within the first trimester.

Do take part in aerobic exercise like walking or swimming. You should perform your exercise a maximum of 3 times per week, with an intensity of fairly light to somewhat hard, optimally, and no more than 30 minutes in duration. The reasoning is that blood is shunted away from the fetus/baby during exercise to the working muscles. Because, there have been no studies performed to determine the effects of pro-longed exercise and blood deprivation to the baby keep your duration to a maximum of 30 minutes. Do continue your weight training – but within reason. Avoid any strength exercises that may cause you to strain or hold your breath while performing the exercise. You can concentrate on wall push-ups, ball abdominal exercises, lighter weights but higher repetitions (Remember now is not the time to train for the Ms. Fitness Competition either!)

Please keep in mind that these are general guidelines for a low risk, healthy pregnancy and if you experience extreme shortness of breath, spotting, dizziness, painful contractions stop all exercises and consult your physician. Happy exercising!




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