The Diaper Bag Checklist


You have a baby and a new diaper bag – now you have to make sure that you have everything else you’ll need for an outing.

What do you put in your diaper bag? When you are packing your diaper bag, always take into account where you are going, how long you will be and what the weather is like.

Here is a guideline that should get you well on your way with everything you need and more. Being prepared will help – especially if you’re a new mom. The last thing you want to worry about is not having everything you need when you have a crying baby on your hands.


  • 5-10 diapers (make sure you check through your diaper bag before each outing, you don’t want to be out with size two diapers when your baby is now wearing a size four!
  • Wipes in a travel size container – make sure this is always stocked.
  • Change pad – so you will always have a clean place to lay your baby on for diaper changes.
  • Diaper rash ointment – rashes can pop up at any moment!
  • Two complete changes of clothing – don’t forget the socks!
  • Resealable bags/reusable bag for soiled clothing and/or diaper disposal.
  • Hat – either for shade or warmth. These can easily be lost so pack a spare.
  • Sweater/jacket or blanket – just in case the weather changes.


  • If breastfeeding: A nursing canopy or receiving blanket to cover you and/or your baby while feeding; extra breast pads – extra long naps may mean extra leakage for mom!
  • If formula feeding – sterilized bottle, sterilized water and pre-measured formula – It’s always a good idea to pack for at least one extra feeding – you never know when your baby may decide to have an extra meal or you may be out longer than you anticipated.
  • Bottled water for you and baby (depending on how old your baby is)
  • Portable snacks for you and baby (age appropriate)
  • Two to three bibs
  • Burp cloth, two wash cloths for spills
  • Jarred food and spoons

Must Haves:

  • Pacifier – if your baby is dependent on these make sure you always keep an extra one. These can easily be lost.
  • One or two of baby’s favourite toys – stuffed teddy or rattle.
  • Teething ring.
  • One or two board books – “lift the flap” books are always baby favourites as they keep little hands busy.


  • Band Aids.
  • Tissues.
  • Hand sanitizer.
  • Cell phone – make sure to save your pediatricians phone number on your phone.
  • Sunblock – for you and baby.
  • Pain reliever/fever reducer– keep these in a zippered compartment, to keep them away from baby.
  • Extra money for emergencies – bills and coins.

Just for Mom:

  • Hand cream – for all of those extra hand washes choose one with glycerin for longer lasting moisture!
  • Lip balm with an SPF.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Extra t-shirt – you may be holding baby in your arms when that diaper explosion happens!
  • Wallet – you may want to switch from your usual large wallet to a smaller zippered version.
  • Keys.
  • Extra hair tie.
  • Camera – to catch those unexpected moments on film!
  • Book or magazine for when baby is sleeping and you dare not move him!

It’s so important to choose the right bag for you. Remember that you will most likely be carrying this bag with you for at least two years! Make sure that it is washable – it will have to go through many spills!

TIP: put the same thing in the same pocket every time so it’s easy & quick to find.

TIP: Keep extra diapers and wipes, blanket, water and a full change of clothes for you and your baby in the trunk of your car – you just never know when it will come in handy!

TIP: Remember to use travel size items (eg. hand cream, diaper rash ointment) they take up less room.

This may seem like a lot of stuff to carry with you all the time. You will find that the more outings you go on it’ll take less time to pack your bag and you’ll have less to carry as your baby gets older!





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