Why do I need a Maternity Bra?


At some point during pregnancy, reality hits all women! In addition to the bouts of morning sickness, our breasts begin to expand and change. But while we change other parts of our wardrobe, we neglect our breasts.

We buy clothes that expand and enhance with our beautiful bellies, update our shoe collection with the latest ballet flats or comfy slip on sneakers. But far too often we stick with our old bras, which are uncomfortable and unable to support our breast as they change.

Alison Kramer, founder and owner of Nummies, learned from experience how important a proper fitting bra is during nursing. After having two kids, and pregnant with her third child, Alison ventured into the business to fill her own need and the needs of friends wanting a comfortable, beautiful and easy to wear/wash nursing bra. After eight months of work, Alison released her first Nummies nursing bra.

Six years later, Alison is adding the first maternity bra to the Nummies collection, the Comfort Bra which is perfectly created to match the changing needs of the new mom to be.

A maternity bra? Yes. “It is one of the most important pieces of clothing a pregnant woman should own” says Alison. “Think about it – we regularly get fit for bras in our daily life, why not during this time of bodily flux? Imagine how important it is when our breasts are sore, swollen and changing at a record pace.”

“But just because your body is changing doesn’t mean you should not feel or look beautiful”, continues Alison.

Also, don’t be confused by the name.  Most maternity bras are designed to be worn while pregnant and while breastfeeding. Nummies created a maternity bra to complement its nursing bra line because women often require new bras while pregnant and should not be fit for nursing bras until the later stages of pregnancy. Ideal time to transition from maternity bra to nursing bra at 38 weeks pregnant.

While having a proper bra during pregnancy can help a women’s self-esteem while her body is changing, there are also health benefits to having a good maternity bra.

The right bra can help the mom-to-be deal with back pain and discomfort.

Choose a bra wide strap, sides, under-bust band and a deep centre at the fronts; this will help eliminate bounce and provide extra support.

Choose bras available in breathable and stretchy cotton to accommodate the hot and sweaty flashes, ensuring comfort at all times during day and night.  Many women choose to sleep in their bras as their pregnancy progresses, and as they breast feed. This is a personal choice, but one that many women make so it is good to keep that in mind as you choose the style and fabric of your bra.

It’s important to provide proper support to your breasts as they have only ligaments and no muscles, and could be stretched if not properly supported.

Most importantly, Alison says to trust yourself when it come to your bra. “There’s no perfect time to be fit or magic number for how often to be fit. Trust yourself and how you’re feeling. If you’re sore or uncomfortable, or your bra feels tight, get refit. You know your body best!”

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