The first few months of your new babies life can be stressful..figuring out how to change them safely shouldn’t be

Written and reviewed by: Jennifer Toren, New product reviewer and freelance writer CornerCubby.png 300

Christian and Stephanie were soon-to-be parents with a dilemma. It was Stephanie’s second trimester and the two were looking for all the baby essentials new parents look for. The crib was easy. The diapers – who knew there were so many ways to hold a kid’s doo-doo? And the stroller. Finding the best one out of five thousand over-priced options was the perfect way to spend several weekends. Dates out had never been so exciting.

But they couldn’t find a change table. Actually, that’s not true. They found quite a few change tables. The problem was the change table design and the vision of what diaper changing would be.

Baby magazines piled up and Google’s history filled with baby sites and change table searches. After hours of research and laborious in-store searching, they ended up settling for something less than what they wanted. Now, with their little one a happy and healthy two-year-old, they are bringing a new, innovative baby change table to Canadian parents.

The Corner Cubby Change Management System® is designed to fit into the corner of a nursery, saving valuable space. It enables a safer, less stressful baby changing experience by allowing the parent to change their baby in a more comfortable, natural way: straight on.

The Corner Cubby has many benefits for parents and their new baby:

  1. It’s safe. Few things are as important to you as the safety of your child. The design allows for more control, it’s more comfortable for you and your baby by allowing you to change your baby straight on. With its solid wood construction, change pad and safety strap, you can feel more confident when your little ones wiggles, squirms and twists!
  2. It makes the best use of your space. Figuring out how to arrange everything so the room is peaceful, calming, and uncluttered can be a major challenge before your little one even arrives. The unit, measuring just 32 inches from back corner to the front edge of both sides, capitalizes on the most under-utilized area of the nursery!
  3. It includes efficient storage. You want more than a change table that makes best use of your floor space- a well-designed change table needs to include storage. The Corner Cubby is a baby essentials unit with shelving to hold all your little one’s diapers, creams, wipes and toys.

Your nursery is more organized. Your baby is safer. You can change your little one in a way that’s comfortable for both of you (no training required). You have extra storage for all those items that need to be tucked away but easy to access. It’s constructed from solid wood and comes in four different colours to match the style and decor of your baby’s nursery.

The list of baby items is endless. This one is a no-brainer: make the best use of your space with the Corner Cubby.

When it comes to the myriad of baby-on-the-way decisions, this should be an easy one.

Two QTPies is a baby product innovation company that focuses the improvement and safety of everyday baby essentials. The Canadian company is launching at the Ottawa Baby Show on September 28-29, 2013 and the Toronto Baby Show on November 8-10.

For more information on the company and the Corner Cubby Change Management System®, please contact:

Christian J. King
Chief Innovation Officer
Two QTPies Enterprise Ltd.

1-647-869-3570 1-800-947-6030 x 402

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