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Ways to Destress During Pregnancy

It’s not just important to physical and mental wellbeing to relax in pregnancy, it’s a positive health command, as stress has been linked with premature birth, low birthweight, and infant behavioral problems. To...

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Getting Back in the Saddle

Under any circumstances the road back to having a sex life after having a baby is tough. The OB’s standard advice is to wait six weeks after giving birth to have sex. This is not a number created to drive men crazy....

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Baby Shower Games

Bottoms up: Get 5 little plastic babies (in the cake decorating department). Put them in a cup. Each guests get three "rolls" as they try to get the babies to land with their bottoms up. The player with the most bottoms...

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Baby Fever

Why It's So Easy to Over-shop for Baby? Finding yourself being hit with the urge to buy something - anything - for your baby-to-be? Sounds like you've been hit with a bad case of baby fever - a condition that tends...

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Other cultures teach us about pregnancy, birth and babies What we can learn: Anthropologists like Carol Worthman of Emory University have been credited with giving birth to a new field of study in recent years -...

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8 Ways to Beat Morning Sickness

Has pregnancy morning sickness got you down? Not to worry - here are some super morning sickness solutions that can help! Ever since a blossoming, pregnant Lucy Ricardo announced to the television world that she was...

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Prenatal Yoga

When you ask women what brought them to prenatal yoga classes, the answer is seldom yogic or profound. Initially many women arrive because a doctor or a friend referred them. They feel fat and everything hurts. They...

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My Glucose Tolerance Test

At 27 weeks in my 2nd pregnancy one sunny morning I’m off to do my glucose tolerance test. For this test it is required to fast, so I haven’t eaten since about 8 pm the night before. So far I’m doing pretty good,...

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Breast is Best - But at what Cost?

Every parent has seen them - pictures of a serene looking mother smiling down at her peaceful, suckling baby. They're in every medical office, hospital and parenting brochure. It's a beautiful image - one that as a...

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Breastfeeding and returning to work

Join the many women who continue breastfeeding after returning to work! Why continue to breastfeed? Your baby needs only breastmilk for the first six months, and you can continue to breastfeed for up to two years...

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Boys and Girls

It's a biological fact that there are differences in behavior and development between boys and girls from birth. Don't enforce stereotypes, but help your baby to develop skills that don't come as naturally, such as...

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Emotional Roulette: Pregnancy After...

“When I was trying so hard to get pregnant, it seemed to me that everything would be cushy and glowing and happy as soon as I got that big fat positive pregnancy test: all my fear and doubt and anxiety would melt...

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