Baby Shower Games


Bottoms up: Get 5 little plastic babies (in the cake decorating department). Put them in a cup. Each guests get three “rolls” as they try to get the babies to land with their bottoms up. The player with the most bottoms up after three rolls wins or faces off in tie.

Cotton Balls: Put about 5 cotton balls in a bowl and set another bowl right next to it. Time no more than 4 people for 1 minute. Blind fold them and put the spoon in there hand. Set the timer for 1 minute and let them race and whoever gets the most cotton balls in there other bowl wins.

Celebrity Babies: Each guest is given a list of celebrity moms on the left, and a list of names on the right. Match the celebrity mom to the name of her baby/child. Ex: Madonna would by matched to Lourdes, using only the first or first and middle names, etc. Whomever matches the most correctly wins. Names of celebrity’s children may be found online via different articles on many websites.

Blind Diapering: This game is like the “Diaper Mittens”…You will need a baby doll, 1 cloth diaper, 2 diaper pins, blind fold, stopwatch. Guests take turns putting a diaper on the baby doll while blind folded. The guest with the fastest and best diapering job wins a prize.

Balloon Game: This game requires lots of balloons (at least one for each guest). Cut up small slips of paper with a baby name written on each one, only one of the slips should say the chosen name for your baby. While blowing up the balloons insert one name into each balloon. Place the balloons all over the party room and each guest has to find the chosen baby name. The only way for them to find the right name is by busting the balloon by sitting on it. The one who finds the chosen name is the winner. Make sure the guests only do one balloon at a time.

Bloomers: This game is similar to musical chairs and hot potato, but you pass around a clothing gift box wrapped several times. Tell the players that there are a pair of bloomers inside the box. Whoever has the box in the end has to wear the bloomers. The box is passed around (quickly) while the music is playing. When the music stops, the person holding the box takes off a layer of wrapping paper. When you are down to no layers, pass the box around one more time till the music stops. The person stuck with the box, opens it and has to wear the bloomers for the rest of the party. The surprise is that the bloomers are two flowers stuck together on a safety pin (like a corsage).

Remember! Each winner should be rewarded with a prize. Visit the sales in your local department stores or even dollar stores to get together prizes for the winners. Look for prizes like candles, vases, coffee mugs, and picture frames!





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