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Find out About Folic Acid

Every mother wants a healthy baby. One way to help your child (or the baby you plan to have) is to make sure you are consuming enough folic acid. What does folic acid do? During the first weeks of pregnancy, folic...

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Commonsense Answers to Common...

Many women do not produce enough milk. Not true! The vast majority of women produce more than enough milk. Indeed, an overabundance of milk is common. Most babies that gain too slowly or lose weight do so not because...

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Babies and Flu: What to do

Winter is always an exciting time for babies and toddlers. The holiday season also creates the best environments for swapping germs and viruses, which pose a particular threat to babies and young children. Since babies...

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Elimination Communication; a Canadian...

Hey mommy, no more diapers! Elimination Communication; a Canadian Perspective My son has a special way of communicating that he wants to go to the toilet - by a certain expression on his face. ‘So what?’ you...

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How Hot is Your Tap Water?

Scalds: What are they? A scald is a second-degree burn caused by hot liquid or steam. Although scalds caused by hot coffee, tea or hot foods are more common, hot tap water scalds of children are often more...

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The natural whiner

Blarching: The act of lurching, arching, and general squirming about that a toddler performs when being unjustly and involuntarily put into a stringent torturous device known as the “car seat”. Can...

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Ear Infections

What is an ear infection? An ear infection is a bacterial infection in the middle ear, which usually occurs after a cold. Colds can cause fluid to build up behind the eardrum which can then cause your Eustachian...

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Sing Along

As an early childhood educator, songs and circle times are a key factor in running a fun and creative classroom. Although it's fun to learn and teach new songs, there are a few staples that always find their way back to...

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The family bed, co-sleeping, shared sleep - no matter what you call it, it means that your child sleeps with you. Sharing sleep is popular with parents (particularly nursing mothers) of babies who wake throughout the...

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Introducing Fish to Your Baby

What is the age for introducing Fish to your Baby and what type of fish should be introduced? Courtesy of www.wholesomebabyfood.com Is Fish an Allergenic food? Fish, specifically shellfish and "bony" fish, are...

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Common Tests During Pregnancy

Being pregnant means lots of trips to the hospital before your little one even makes an appearance. It may seem like you are being poked and prodded a lot, but every test is important and allows your doctor to track...

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Immunization: recommended vaccines for Canadian children What is immunization? Immunization may also be called vaccination, baby shots or needles. It is the best protection against many serious diseases. How...

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