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The Mona Lisa “Smile”?

Using sophisticated laser technology, it was recently discovered that the secret behind the Mona Lisa’s smile is that she is thought to have recently given birth. Something to do with a damask type covering that she...

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Everything I Needed to Know About...

You can wear out your mouse-pad surfing all the top ranked baby websites, fill your shopping cart to overflowing with the must-read baby magazines, manuals, and “momoirs”, but, in the end, it’s your mom-friends...

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Postpartum Diva

Fashion After Baby It's the Mother of All Dilemmas: what to wear during the postpartum period while you're waiting for your body to regain its pre-baby shape. You wouldn't be caught dead wearing maternity clothing at...

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The Pitfalls of Motherhood

I remember a time after my first baby was born that I realized I didn’t like who I was becoming. My moment of clarity came while watching my husband bathe our new baby. From where I was sitting, the bath water was too...

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The Line

6:00pm the witching hour. Up since 5:30 in the morning with baby, no shower, rice cereal for lunch (we mean you, not the baby), spit on your shoulder, Raffi playing for the 10th time today in the background and Jack...

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Moving from Crib to Bed

When your child moves from crib to bed it's a milestone in his life as well as yours. There is no precise time for making this move, though typically it's between the first and third birthday. The key to success is to...

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Tooth Care

A helpful guide to caring for your child's teeth whether they are a baby or a toddler Young children are not able to clean their own teeth. As a parent, you must do it for them when they are very young and do it...

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Toy Safety

Kids love toys - they always want more. Often, toys get handed down through generations, but even a few years makes a big difference to toy safety standards. Health Canada sets heavy standards that toy makers must abide...

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Recently, there has been a lot of celebrity discussion about the link to autism and vaccines. Two Hollywood moms, Jenny McCarthy and Amanda Peet, have gone head to head trying to sway the public’s opinion. In 2005...

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You Know the Type

There's just no easy way to put a label on the complex modern day mom. Still, some people just can't help themselves (Don't they know labels are for hats and mitts?). Here are a few varieties we've come across -...

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Why babies have tantrums and what you can do about it A baby tantrum is an abrupt and sudden loss of emotional control. Various factors bring tantrums on, and if you can identify the trigger, then you can help him...

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Terrific Tips For Teaching Your Child A...

You realize the benefits of having a second language, but do you know where to turn or how to begin the process of teaching your little one a second language? Read through the following second language learning tips...

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