Ask Kat: Surviving as a Parent of Three

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As the mum of three small boys, an expert in baby products and a no-nonsense parent, resident blogger Kat Armstrong always seems to be called upon by friends, family and strangers to answer tough parenting questions. We thought it was high time she shared this knowledge with you, and her series Ask Kat was born. If you have questions for Kat, you can email her at


What tips do you have for parents of three? We’re embarking on the three kid journey, and I’m worried about how my second child will fare. So often, people talk about the neglected middle child and I worry for my current baby!

Daye, Boston


I think that sometimes in large families, all kids can get lost from time to time, but the mere fact that you are even concerned with the idea of your baby getting lost in the “middle child shuffle” is a step in the right direction. When you have a new baby, whether it’s your second or your fifth, the infant will always take precedence for a while, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t carve out some special time for older siblings.

This summer, after our third was born, I planned some dates with our oldest and baby in tow. One of my favourite trips was to the movies, where baby slept in a carrier (And with ear protection) the whole time and the eldest and I watched a movie, ate popcorn and had a snuggle. The middle guy is more into reading stories, so I make a point of being the one to put him to bed every night. Even that ten minutes is a great recharge for him.

As with any kids, you need to do what’s right for them and you. Giving each child a little bit of time is really important no matter how many you have.

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