Baby Food Recipes


Cravings Fact or Fiction?

Fact or fiction? The can't-get-it-out-of-your-head craving. You just sent your partner out for a triple-fudge sundae and a super-sized bag of dill pickle potato chips. It would seem that you've been hit with the...

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Baby Food Myths Busted

Myth: A breastfed baby is at risk of iron deficient anemia and should only eat iron fortified commercial baby foods. Truth: Other than commercial baby cereal, jarred baby food is not fortified with iron! For a...

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10 reasons to go organic!

There are a multitude of reasons for you and your family to start eating organic foods. Organic farming and food is better for health, can prevent the onset of future disease and illness and reduces exposure to toxic...

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Food Allergies

Introducing new foods to your baby can be scary when you start to think of all the possible reactions they can have. Hopefully the following information will make it all a little bit easier. Remember that mealtimes...

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Introducing Fish to Your Baby

What is the age for introducing Fish to your Baby and what type of fish should be introduced? Is Fish an Allergenic food? Fish, specifically shellfish and "bony" fish, are known allergens for an infant. It is...

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Homemade Baby Food

Experts say that it takes an infant between 15-21 instances of trying a food before a true like or dislike is established. If you are just beginning to introduce solid foods, you really will not be able to determine if...

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Happy 1st Birthday

Many parents wish to continue the healthy eating habits of their babies when it comes to the all important First Birthday Cake. One idea is to make a small "healthy" cake just for baby and then make a sweeter cake for...

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Going Nuts Over Nuts

For most people, peanuts and tree nuts are yummy protein rich foods, though for an increasing number of Canadian children with serious allergies, peanuts and tree nuts might as well be arsenic, radioactive waste, or the...

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Expanding Your Child's Diet

After four to six months a baby becomes ready for solid foods. Your baby is not physically ready to handle solids earlier than this. Introducing solids before this time will interfere with the much needed iron absorbed...

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Omega 3 The Essential Fatty Acid

The Essential Fatty Acid What is Omega 3? Omega-3 fatty acids are unique types of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) that are essential to human health and are of dietary importance since our bodies do not produce...

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Sweetpea goes for whole grains!

There’s an array of tasty whole grains available to you and your little one that are chock full of nutrition. However, determining what is really a whole grain and what is not is still tricky, but here’s some basic...

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Fingers & Spoons

Toward the end of the first year, a baby’s weight gain tends to slow down dramatically. This is a time of growing independence, and often babies who have been good eaters in the past become more difficult to...

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