Flowering Faux-Jito



1.5oz Arkay Vodka
1oz Elderflower Syrup
1oz Lime Juice
2oz Soda Water
1oz Diced Cucumber
5 Mint Leaves
3 drops Plum Bitter

Glass: highball
Garnish: mint sprig and cucumber wheel


In a shaker tin, add Arkay Vodka, elderflower syrup, lime juice, diced cucumber and mint leaves.

Add ice and shake.

Dump entire contents of shaker into highball glass.

Top with soda water.

Add plum bitters.

Garnish with mint sprig and cucumber wheel.

Non-alcoholic spirits are flavoured drinks designed to mimic the taste of your favourite spirits without the unpleasant after-affects. They are water-based and infused with various flavour extracts with no added sugar and won’t tip your caloric intake as it has zero calories per serving. Not only are the non-alcoholic spirits ideal for mocktails but they also can be used to make low-octane or “light” coktails when multiple spirits are used to create a cocktail.

Recipe provided by PremiumNearBeer.com.

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