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Do what you already do – only better.

Spray TUTSWVET onto your regular toilet tissue for a smooth clean comfort that is well beyond the softest dry paper.

TUTSWVET effectively makes flushable wet-wipes obsolete. 100% recycled tissue is the environmental choice as living wood pulp is used for the softest premium tissue.

TUTSWVET evolves the concept of comfort from soft to smooth to help save standing forest ecosystems.

Change is difficult, but TUTSWVET makes sure it is positive for you and your bum.

TUTSWVET is dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, 100% natural and made in Canada.

It has been formulated to perform with the most significant international certification standards in mind.

No cutesy animal bums were harmed in the creation of TUTSWVET.

Tip: Spray on a reusable cloth to replace baby wipes!

Purchased online at www.tutswvet.com or at select retailers across Canada.

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