Five common questions about feeding your baby

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Lianne Philipson-Web, founder of Sprout Right, answered five of the most commonly asked questions parents ask when starting to feed their babies:

1. Why should I wait until my baby is six months old to start solids?

The World Health Organization and Health Canada both recommend you wait until six months before introducing solids. This will help ensure your baby has the proper neck and tongue muscles to swallow and may reduce the risk of developing food allergies.

2. When do I introduce a sippy cup?

Depends on your baby! Some babies are eager and are ready to start at six to seven months; others don’t have much interest in learning to use a sippy until nine months. Your best bet is to watch for the signs and experiment. If more milk is ending up on her bib and not in her mouth, wait a few weeks and try again. With the Prince Lionheart Sippy Cup Upgrade Kit, learning to use a cup makes the transition easy. Handles can be added for independent bottle-feeding and nipples replaced with a sippy spout!

3. Can I feed my toddler solids while she sits on my lap?

Sure, but be prepared to “wear” your baby’s food. Try using a booster seat or a high chair, it’s safer and more comfortable.

4. Do I really need to cut grapes in half or hotdogs lengthwise?

Choking is always a fear with young children. Cutting food into small, bite-sized pieces will reduce the risk of choking. Teaching tots to chew is important at meal times.

5. Can I use a bottle more than once without cleaning it?

Not a good idea! Whether you are using formula or breast milk, when using a bottle it is imperative to clean and dry it properly. Standing milk or formula can breed harmful bacteria – hazardous to an infant’s health.

Lianne Philipson-Webb is an author, a registered nutritionist and the founder of Sprout Right, a company that specializes in pre-conception, prenatal, and postnatal nutrition for women, as well as good food and health for the whole family. Visit her website at

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