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Sleep Tips from The Baby Sleep Site

BABY SLEEP TIPS Baby Sleep Tip #1: Baby Suddenly Not Sleeping Well? Keep Calm and Carry On! It's not unusual for a baby who's been sleeping like a pro to suddenly start refusing naps and waking at night....

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Non-petroleum jelly

Live Clean Baby Non-Petroleum Jelly is a unique petroleum free formula derived from plant-based ingredients that provide an effective moisture barrier to protect baby's delicate skin.

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Little Talker Bodysuit

Get the look of a tux in the comfort of a bodysuit. This all-in-one cotton piece lets your little one dress in his best without the fuss.

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Funky Fluff - Starter Kit

Funky Fluff award winning cloth diapers provide the flexibility and convenience for all parents. Simple to use, cost effective and environmentally friendly. Take the guessing game out of cloth diapers by experiencing...

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Silk Berry Baby - Hand Knit Crochet Hat

This handmade crocheted hat is made from nonitchy, hypo-allergic bamboo/cotton blended yarn and provides extra comfort for baby's sensitive skin in a cute modern look! It is a perfect handmade gift. Choose green living...

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Kids' Crocband Iridescent Gust Boot

Available in children’s sizes C6-C13 and Junior sizes J1-J6, these colourful boots have a nylon upper with fill for warmth, are pull-on style with cinch cord, croslite material base for lightweight comfort and have...

Car Seat 250

Tips for Choosing a Car Seat

Safety is every parent’s number one concern, but sometimes buying a car seat can get complicated. We’ve put together some tips to help you choose which car seat to buy for your precious bundle. Your child’s...

Easy Ways to Make Bathtime Fun

Is bathtime more of a struggle than anything at your house?  Does the first sign of a bath cause whining and tantrums? Then it’s time to put the “fun” back in bathtime and make it an enjoyable activity for both...

What's For Dinner: Chicken Chili

I usually leave the chili-making to my wife, she has it down pat. The other day, though, I was at the butcher getting some fresh chicken when I spotted a chorizo and inspiration hit. I had the butcher grind the chicken...

The Celebrity in Me

I do it too. We were talking about tabloids and celebrities in the office and it seems that I get a kick out of the “Celebrities do it too” pieces. I mean of course they do “it” too. They are people too...

Help for Preemie Parents

Let me first start this blog by saying that the NICU staff at both hospitals the girls spent time in are incredible at what they do. They made sure our girls were taken care of and received the best care possible and...

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Pregnancy FIT Plan

The key to your success is your tailored Gaiam FIT Plan journal. Record your goals, track your progress and achieve your desired outcomes. Each 90-day journal provides exercise and nutrition education relevant to your...

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