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Travel Happens Wet Bags

For diapers, swimwear and travel, wet bags grow with you from baby, toddler, teen to adult as the best way to store wet items! 100% cotton designer fabric exterior with zipper closure and a BPA-Free, PVC-Free lining that is thick and soft, unlike any other bag! Available in medium and large. Get creative, get a few - the uses are endless! www.itzyritzy.com

May 21, 2012 Read Blog

Samantha Harris: My Daughters Have “Completely Different Personalities”

TV host Samantha Harris loves the "profound" experience of motherhood! The Dancing with the Stars alum took part in Saturday's March for Babies walk in Los Angeles. A "longtime supporter" of March of Dimes, Samantha says the money raised will "help all moms, including at-risk women, have healthy full-term pregnancies." Samantha opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about being a "strong advocate for anti-hunger issues" and "empower[ing] women to...

May 18, 2012 Read Blog

Mom, Chief Financial Officer

It’s funny that it’s called “Mother’s Day,” when we know the challenges, and the rewards of being a Mom happen year round.  If it was your first year being a Mom, you know that it’s been both thrilling and exhausting. No one and nothing prepared you for how dramatically life would change. When you wake up, bleary-eyed and unable to remember the last time you showered, it hits you: you have a lot more responsibility than you ever...

May 17, 2012 Read Blog

Turn Your Kids into Happy Helpers with These Daddy Approved Suggestions!

Have midnight walks to the kitchen become treacherous journeys complete with landmines and hidden traps ? Are you sick of battling your children in hopes they will happily do their chores while beds remain unmade and toys or clothes seem to rule your living room floor?  If so, Daddy Nickell’s here to help! I have created, with time and experience (plus a few headaches), a foolproof method for making chore time enjoyable for both the kids...

May 17, 2012 Read Blog

The Going Rate

By: Tara Weng Having a family can seem like a financial free-for-all, even the little things like what to pay a babysitter and how much is a tooth really worth can become a challenge. So what is the going rate these days for certain family extras?  Stay-at-home dad and blogger Glen Craig says he shoots for the $20 rule for things like birthday party gifts. “I think birthday gifts tend to be around $20 by me. If you want to get technical,...

May 16, 2012 Read Blog

Q & A: A New Co-Sleeper at 19 Months

Rosemary, I read your answer to another woman's problem with getting their seven month old out of the co-sleeping habit. I have a similar issue but my daughter (who is now 19 months) did not start out co-sleeping. She has been sleeping in her own crib since birth, but lately she wakes up in the middle of the night (anywhere between 2 and 6 am) wanting to come to my bed. For financial reasons we currently live in a one bedroom apartment and we...

May 15, 2012 Read Blog

Staying Home Alone

I just read Sandy’s guest post for the Yummy Mummy Club about when you can leave your child alone at home.  I thought about just adding a comment to her post but then I thought I would also share my experience on my blog. When can a child stay home alone? Age, maturity, types of neighbors, how far and how long you are going for, all play a factor for me. As with most parenting issues, I think gut feeling trumps. First – to review –...

May 14, 2012 Read Blog

Original Teethease Bangles

The continuous loop of the Original Teethease Bangles is perfect for older teethers; they can hold them in their hands or the bangles can be attached to a toy strap. Colours match the Original Pendant Necklace and the bangles are simple to throw on during a morning routine or while running out the door. www.MyTeethease.com

May 13, 2012 Read Blog

5 Celebrity Moms Say Thanks to Their Own Mothers

CelebrityBabyScoop recently asked a few of our favorite celebrity mamas to complete this sentence: "Thanks mom for..." Read on about Jenna Fischer's gratitude, Melissa Rivers' 'secret' thanks, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck's heartfelt message... The Office star Jenna Fischer, mom to son Weston, 6 months, shares her gratitude to her mother Anne, a history teacher. “Thanks mom for being a trailblazer," Jenna says. "For showing me through...

May 11, 2012 Read Blog

Baseball season is upon us…

Wow, the winter flew by and now we’re a few weeks away from baseball season! M has changed so much that I’m almost afraid to bring her to the games! 1) They usually start at 7 pm which is, let’s face it, not that far off bedtime. 2) She’s a klutz and I’m a paranoid Mommy. This is the year that I would probably have her in full head gear to be running around. 3) How the heck am I going to keep her occupied for 3+ hours??? If anyone...

May 10, 2012 Read Blog

Happy Birthday Mommy!

I’m not a fan of people saying I am lucky or that they are lucky in life. I have a great job because I earned it. I have a wonderful husband because we chose each other. My marriage is good because we work at it. What I can say, is that I am lucky to have a fantastic mother. Some may argue that before I decided to be born to this earth I chose that too. Either way, I appreciate her very much.    My mom, the birthday...

May 10, 2012 Read Blog

Finding Child Care for your Infant

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been home with your infant, leaving your baby for the first time can be a difficult transition. When choosing child care, it is important to determine what works for you and your child. Start by doing some research far in advance to see what your available options are. Talk to other moms in your neighbourhood and call your local child care resource centre. Depending on your choice, there may be a waiting...

May 9, 2012 Read Blog

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