Mom, Chief Financial Officer

By: Kathy Buckworth piggy bank

It’s funny that it’s called “Mother’s Day,” when we know the challenges, and the rewards of being a Mom happen year round.  If it was your first year being a Mom, you know that it’s been both thrilling and exhausting. No one and nothing prepared you for how dramatically life would change. When you wake up, bleary-eyed and unable to remember the last time you showered, it hits you: you have a lot more responsibility than you ever could have imagined!

As Moms, at home we wear different hats ranging from chauffer to chef and all things in between. Now, according to a recent poll by President’s Choice Financial, we can add “Chief Financial Officer” to our already lengthy resume.  In fact, 41% of Canadians surveyed agreed that women are the ones responsible for managing the day-to-day household expenses and bills.

This isn’t a new trend, either – the poll also found that growing up, most of us tended to view our own Moms as the one who ran the household finances (42.8%).

A CFO’s job, as we all know, is often about planning for future. Surely there’s a way to kick-start your plans for your child’s financial future, while doing something for yourself?  Consider the following:

  • Open up an RESP and start saving those pennies for post-secondary school;
  • A no fee bank account allows you to create a separate account for each need – one for baby, one for Mommy, one for home expenses, etc.
  • The President’s Choice Financial no fee bank account and PC Financial MasterCard allows for guilt-free spending  – use your PC points to reward yourself with a day at the spa, new accesories, a nice dinner, etc. – whenever you can,  not just on Mother’s Day!

It’s a big job being Mom, and Moms are doing the job big time, every day of the year.

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