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5 Baby Travel Tips for the Forgotten Family Vacationers

Location. Pools. Cleanliness. Price. These are all factors when choosing a hotel room for a family vacation. New parents traveling with children for the first time often discover those things aren’t enough. Many hotels are not baby-safe.

Infants and toddlers are frequently forgotten, in the hotel selection process. It’s important for parents to know what to look for up front. Heather McGehearty, co-founder of, learned the value of baby-safe hotels the hard way.

“It’s natural for parents to assume hotels will be able to accommodate their children comfortably,” says McGehearty. “That isn’t always the case.

During a family vacation with our young son, my husband and I were astonished by our hotel’s proposed sleeping arrangements for our baby. They brought us an old, very used play-yard to use as a crib. It was soiled and smelled. When we complained and asked for another, we were given a play-yard in even worse condition before being told they were the only two available. If that weren’t enough, the hotel offered us a sheet that was too large, without any instructions — a strangulation risk for our child.”

That incident sparked a new mission for McGehearty and her husband. They launched to help other parents avoid these and other baby travel-related dilemmas. The following baby travel tips will help parents plan for a baby-safe hotel stay, even if their hotel hasn’t considered their needs.

  1. If travelling with a crawler or walker, pack plastic outlet covers.
  2. Bring twist ties to secure any loose wiring in the hotel room.
  3. Don’t put a baby at risk with full or king-sized sheets in a crib. Pack crib sheets.
  4. Check heater or air conditioner grates immediately on arrival. If the grating holes are large enough for little fingers, keep children away from the unit or turn it off.
  5. Pack masking tape to keep drawers closed. This prevents toddlers from climbing, and stops furniture from easily tipping.

“Parents should remember that the transition from baby-proofed home to hotel room isn’t always an easy one,” says McGehearty. “Baby travel needs don’t have to be an afterthought. Vacationers can help other parents while helping themselves by rating hotels they’ve stayed in on”

The perfect family vacation starts with, where parents can share their experiences and find the best baby travel products at discount prices.

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