New Routines in the New Year

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The start of the new year often brings with it changes in your child’s routine. Whether it’s a different daycare or just readjusting to your schedule after the busy holiday season, it’s important to help your child adapt. The experts at Invest in Kids, a national charity dedicated to transforming the way parents are educated and supported, have some tips to help parents deal with these changes.

Having a routine is important for children, especially in the early years. They find comfort and security in knowing what will happen and when. Be sure to talk to your child about any new routines. Be supportive and encouraging and let them know that you realize change isn’t easy and that it takes time to adjust to new people or places. Explain what they should expect and be sure to remind them about what won’t be changing, (e.g. “The story time program is ending, but we will still go to the library once a week”).

Let your child know about the new routine as early as possible and slowly make the transition. When starting with a new day program or childcare giver, bring your child to visit a few weeks early so they can see their new surroundings and meet the people they will be with. This will help your child feel more comfortable when the new routine starts.

If your child is stressed or upset by the new routine ask what you can do to help. Children often have great ideas about what will make them feel better and asking shows them that their opinions are valued.

Invest in Kids is a national charitable organization dedicated to transforming the way Canadian parents are educated and supported. For additional activities and tips based on Comfort, Play & Teach: A Positive Approach to Parenting™ as well as information about child development and parenting, visit

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