Traveling While Pregnant

By: Dr. Jenny Jaque, OBGYN travel pregnant

A common topic we often address with our patients is traveling during pregnancy. The best time to travel is probably around the middle of your pregnancy, between 14-28 weeks. Most of the common obstetrical emergencies tend to happen in the first or third trimester.

If you are planning to take a road trip by car, make frequent stops, stretch your legs, and always wear a seat belt. When traveling by plane, book an aisle seat so you can get up to stretch your legs easily and wear your seat belt when sitting in your seat. If you prefer to take to the open seas for a vacation while pregnant, make an appointment with your obstetrician to see what medications are safe in pregnancy to take for seasickness. Make sure that your ship has passed health and safety inspections – you don’t want to get an unnecessary gastrointestinal infection while on board.

Finally, below are some things to keep in mind when traveling oversees:

1.  Avoid fresh fruits and vegetables unless they have been cooked or you have cleaned them yourself.

2.  Avoid undercooked fish or meats.

3.  Drink tap water that has been boiled for at least one minute. Bottled water may be safer, but keep in mind that there are no standards for bottle water, so they are not guaranteed to be germ free.

4.  Do not use ice made from un-boiled water.


Finally, whether traveling in the United States or abroad, make sure you have your pregnancy information available and that you know the whereabouts of the closest hospital. The International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers (IAMAT) provides a worldwide directory of doctors – and don’t forget your favorite App for translating.


Dr. Jenny Jaque OBGYN/Co-Founder of Health Goes Female.

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