Pregnancy A Hair-Raising Experience?

Heather J. Mills pregnant_brunette

Expectant mothers are often told they are “glowing” – and this isn’t necessarily a result of sheer happiness. During pregnancy, increased blood flow to the skin actually results in a clear, healthy skin tone. Other changes to skin and hair can occur due to elevated hormone levels – and some of them aren’t nearly as charming.


Acne can reappear with a vengeance during pregnancy. Cleansing the skin daily with an alpha-hydroxy product (available over-the-counter), and using an exfoliating scrub once a week can be effective. Avoid using oral prescription acne medications while pregnant. Break-outs usually decrease after pregnancy.

Stretch Marks:

Due to the stretching and pulling of skin during pregnancy, approximately 90% of women get stretch marks. Frequent exercise before pregnancy and the use of Vitamin E creams or silicon-based lotions will improve skin’s elasticity.





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