Nursery Essentials



Here’s a basic list of the clothes you’re going to need when you bring your baby home:

  1. four to six receiving gowns
  2. two or three one-piece footed sleepers
  3. four to six undershirts
  4. two or three pairs of booties or socks
  5. one or two blanket sleepers (depending on the season)
  6. one or two dress up/special occasion outfits
  7. sun hat
  8. bibs
  9. sweater


Buying a crib from a respectable retailer virtually guarantees that it will meet all current safety standards. Still, it’s always best to check. Otherwise, it’s a matter of taste and functionality – as in buying a regular crib or a convertible crib that transforms into a toddler bed when its time.

However, if your crib is a hand-me down from friends or family, or you find one at a garage sale, it’s an absolute must that you verify its safety rating.

Diapers and Disposal System:

  1. Count on about 10 to 11 diapers per day for the first few weeks.
  2. A diaper disposal system at each changing area.

Feeding Supplies:

Depending on whether you plan on breast or bottle-feeding, your supplies will differ.

Basics for breast-feeding:

  1. At least 2 nursing bras
  2. A supply of nursing pads (these fit into the bra to absorb leakage)
  3. Breast pump (manual or battery operated)

Basics for bottle-feeding:

  1. Bottles and nipples
  2. Bottle and nipple sterilizers
  3. Bottle and food warmer


When you first bring baby home, you may wish to sleep in the same room. A bassinet or cradle usually fits perfectly beside your bed so you’re never more than a few inches away.

Glider Rocker:

Glider rockers are perfect for feeding baby or soothing them to sleep. Incredibly comfortable, gliders can also help you relieve stress.

Change Table:

A change table is not always essential, as a padded top on a dresser or bed can also be used. However, you may find that depending on the height of your dresser or bed, the constant bending over you’re doing may be quite uncomfortable. Change tables, on the other hand, are built to a height that puts less stress on your back.

Most change tables also offer extra shelf space, and some, even come with an attached dresser to help keep your supplies close at hand and easily reachable.
Never leave your baby unattended on the change table.

Be sure to buy a change table that has safety straps included.

Crib Blankets and Sheets:

  1. 3 to 4 fitted crib sheets
  2. 2 waterproof crib pads
  3. 2 lightweight cotton crib-size blankets (no fringe)
  4. 3 to 6 receiving blankets
  5. crib bumper pads that attach securely

Miscellaneous Items:

  1. baby monitor
  2. baby brush and comb
  3. baby nail clippers or scissors
  4. bulb syringe for clearing baby’s nose
  5. humidifier
  6. rectal or digital thermometer
  7. crib mobile
  8. decorations for room
  9. a front baby carrier or backpack
  10. laundry hamper




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