Exercise and Your Pregnancy

By: Dr. Jenny Jaque, OBGYN exercise pregnant

How much activity a pregnant woman can and cannot do depends on many things such as how healthy she was before getting pregnant, how physically active she was, whether she has any medical problems that require limited activity, and whether she has any complications with her existing pregnancy. Although pregnant women should remain active during pregnancy, it is not the time to begin a strenuous exercise regimen for the first time, such as beginning training for your first marathon. Having said that, exercising will not only help keep you healthy, but it can also help you manage labour.

The following are safe forms of exercising for pregnant women (even the non-athlete). Walking is good for everyone. Swimming is also a great, low-impact, total-body workout. Cycling and running are safe for women who participated in these sports before they were pregnant, but will need to make modifications as pregnancy advances. Remember to make safety a priority and avoid strenuous exercises that place you at risk for any abdominal trauma. As mentioned before, certain medical conditions, either pre-existing or pregnancy related, can worsen with exercise; therefore, it is a good idea to discuss what activities you can and cannot do during your pregnancy with your healthcare provider.


Dr. Jenny Jaque OBGYN/Co-Founder of Health Goes Female.

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