A Grandmother’s Decision to Leave a Legacy

Courtesy of: Insception Cord Blood Program Dr.Noria-and-Aarya3

Dr. Dhun Noria is not only the distinguished Chief of Laboratory Medicine at The Scarborough Hospital but also a proud new grandmother. Her circle of friends includes laboratory specialists, nurses, obstetricians and other healthcare providers. Cellular function and blood systems are an integral part of her everyday life and so when her daughter- in-law became pregnant, the decision to store the umbilical cord blood stem cells was top consideration. “This was an opportunity to leave a legacy” Dr. Noria pointed out. “You don’t get this chance back”.

Many grandparents establish an education fund when a grandchild is born. Dr. Noria’s priority however, was to secure the cord blood storage for that child first, and consider other investments next. “It is such a rich source of cells. You have the unique opportunity to take something that is normally wasted and turn it into a treasure” she simply stated.

Being Zoroastrian, an ancient and uncommon culture, Dr. Noria knew that preserving her granddaughter’s own unique, genetically matched stem cells would be a true advantage if the need arose, especially since most donors in a public registry are Caucasian. “If they don’t use it, so be it, but if they do need it, the cells are there”Selecting Insception as a facility of choice was an easy decision for this expectant grandma. In her opinion, Insception offered tremendous credibility and the list of transplant successes spoke volumes. With her position in lab management, she was aware that partnerships with Mount Sinai and The Scarborough Hospital meant that Insception had met stringent ethics board and administration level approval and would protect her investment for the long term. Her decision was supported by colleagues who gave a resounding endorsement.

What started as a scientific decision based on facts, was wrapped in the love, foresight and wisdom that only a grandparent can offer and as Dr. Noria reflected, became “the best gift I could give baby Aarya”.

Dr. Dhun Noria is the Chief of Laboratory Medicine at The Scarborough Hospital in Toronto.









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