Secret Sex Sessions

Greg Shannon Courtesy of: Yummy Mummy Club secret sex

It’s a game. A high stakes, no mistakes game of cat & mouse. A game requiring steely nerves, and cunning strategy. A forbidden game that many adults are forced by nature to play. A game known to scores of parental units as Secret S-E-X…Shhhhh…

Ah, yes, the Secret…shhhhhhhh…Sex Sessions. Here’s a typical transcript:

“What are the kids doing?”

“I set the up with a video, we’re good…”

“Got ‘em a snack?”


“Poured Ava some milk?”


“Why are you wearing so many clothes?”

“Come here you”.


“Do you hear something?”

“What? No…”


“Did you lock the door?”


“The door?…Did you lock it…”


“Can you?”

“Okay, okay…geez.”

“There. All locked up…”

“You sure?…”

“Of course, I’m sure…”

“Come here big guy. You look stiff. Do you need a rub?”

“Yes please…”


“What was that?”


[Loud hoarse whisper] “I thought you said you locked the door?”

“I’m sure I…oh crap…”

“Someone’s coming! Get off…”

“I was trying…”


[Mom’s nice voice] “Hi, honey what do you need?”

This Saturday’s score…The Kids 1 – Yummy Mummy & Delicious Daddy no score.

Next Saturday’s game postponed due to a trip to grandma’s house.

About the Author: Greg Shannon

Greg Shannon has been a radio and TV entertainer for over two decades. His sordid past includes stints as a national radio host on Today’s Country and a national TV host on CMT. Along the way Greg was awarded New York Festival awards for interviews with celebrities like Garth Brooks and Shania Twain. A typical day for this long married, father of four includes; ingesting copeius amounts of coffee, many wasted hours trying to figure out what T9 means on his cell phone and a few diligent seconds at the typewriter hacking out columns for the needy Erica Ehm.

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