Milestones from One to Three


Every child grows and develops in steps, going from one milestone to the next. Here’s a quick look at milestones for ages one, two and three.

By age one, most children:

  • Interact with their parent or caregiver.
  • Are curious about objects in their surroundings and will try to figure out how they work.
  • Begin to understand that people and things still exist even when they are not in sight.
  • Say at least three words, and can identify parents with words like mama and dada.
  • Grasp objects with their hands, usually with the thumb and index in a “pincer grasp”.
  • Recognize their own names.
  • Walk or cruise (walking while holding on to furniture).


By age two, most children:

  • Develop their language rapidly. They should be able to speak a hundred or so words.
  • Will get excited about playing around other children.
  • Play follow the leader and take part in pretend play.
  • Enjoy and learn simple songs.
  • Move more: walk up stairs, kick a ball and have fun with basic tumbling.


By age three, most children:

  • Can follow two or three step instructions.
  • Know their name, age and gender.
  • Speak at least 200 words.
  • Begin developing friendships with other children.
  • Start having interest in potty training (or have finished potty training).
  • Climb, jump, pedal a tricycle and run.




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