How Valuable is your Time this Holiday?

Courtesy of: Marie Potter, Director of Marketing, Professional Organizers in Canada holiday time

The holidays are typically filled with pleasant traditions and memories, but staying organized and prepared for all the festivities can be a stressful affair. Why not give yourself some extra time and check off items using a virtual approach?

“Our mission as professional organizers is to help clients stay organized and stress-free during the holiday season,” says Marie Potter, Director of Marketing at Professional Organizers in Canada. “By encouraging clients to approach some of their tasks from a virtual perspective we can save them hundreds of hours, dollars and exponentially reduce their stress.”

Here are 10 ways you can save time and stress by approaching some of your holiday traditions in a virtually:


Traditional Hours Virtual Hours
Write and mail Christmas cards to 100 family and friends. 2 Create and e-mail holiday video to 100 family and friends. 1
Take kids to Santa in the mall. 2 Send Santa an email. .5
Shop in store. 10 Shop online. 2
Make an advent calendar. 2 Create free virtual advent calendar. 1
Buy and install Christmas lights. 3 Buy and install Elflights. 1
Trek outdoors & haul your Christmas tree home. 2 Set up & plug in your pre-lit Christmas tree. .5
Make shortbread cookies. 1 Buy shortbread cookies. .5
Make and enjoy a holiday dinner from scratch. 10 Buy and enjoy a prepared turkey roll with fixings. 3
Chop firewood, split kindling and lay a real fire. 1 Play a Youtube virtual fireplace on big screen TV .5
Fly to England to visit friends and family at exorbitantly high season rates. 16 Skype, iChat or Google Hangout friends and or family free in England. 1
Write and mail thank you cards. 1 Email thank you notes. 1
Total: 50  Total: 12


There are some traditions that are dear to your heart which you won’t want to compromise on, however you may want to consider substituting a few of the others with a virtual option this season.

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