Buying Second Hand with Kijiji


We all know that having a baby can be expensive! They need a ton of stuff that they grow out of quickly and it fills your home! It’s no surprise, then, that some of the most commonly exchanged goods in the second hand economy include baby clothing and accessories.

Right now on there are over 37,000 items listed in the “baby items” section in the GTA alone! Sometimes spending a little more money on big ticket items, like strollers, makes sense for longevity and potential resell later.

Stroller brands like Bugaboo, Peg Perego and UPPAbaby are easily found on Kijiji because, according to Shawn McIntyre, Kijiji’s Community Relations & Communications Manager, “they’re a much better price used and they have great resale value because they’re more sturdy, quality product.”

We asked Shawn what tips he would give to parents wanting to resell their baby items on Kijiji? “Obviously, do your research. A lot of people don’t realize some things like car seats can’t be resold and should be recycled. Make sure it’s in good condition to be sold – we all know what babies are like, they make a mess, they throw things, they barf, they pee – the cleanliness of an item is the most important thing. It makes your item more valuable to someone else if it looks like new.”

Tips for a fast Kijiji Sale:

  • Do some market research. Find the going rate for the item you want to sell. Know the value and price the item accordingly.
  • Include specific details (make, model, colour) all in the title so people can easily find the item they’re looking for.
  • Make sure your ad is clear, has nice pictures, a creative description and a catchy title.

We understand that sometimes meeting a stranger to make a sale (or having them come into your home) can be scary. Here are some tips to ease your mind, and the mind of a buyer:

  • If you’re selling something in your home and you can’t take it apart and deliver (like a crib or change table), you definitely want to have them over in the middle of the day. Ask them if they want to bring someone with them. Be clear that someone will be there with you.
  • Give clear and specific directions for a meeting place and contact information to the buyer.
  • Trade local. Try to deal with people within your community.
  • From a buyer’s perspective: bring someone with you, or at the bare minimum let someone know where you’re going. Share the number, address, etc. to keep your mind at ease.

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