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As the mum of three small boys, an expert in baby products and a no-nonsense parent, resident blogger Kat Armstrong always seems to be called upon by friends, family and strangers to answer tough parenting questions. We thought it was high time she shared this knowledge with you, and her series Ask Kat was born. If you have questions for Kat, you can email her at


Dear Kat,

Every time my 6 month old poops, her poop goes absolutely everywhere. I recently threw out a pair of footed sleepers because the poop had gotten all the way down into his toes and I was so grossed out about trying to clean it out, I just tossed the whole thing instead. He’s well within the weight limit for the disposables he’s currently in. What am I doing wrong?

Mika, Toronto


Size those diapers up! I’ve never much bothered with the weight suggestions on the diaper packs, and instead go by how the diaper fits on my babies. Two of my kids are very tall and lean, and as such, they are always well within the weight recommendation of disposables, but are always way too tall well before they’ve hit the weight limit. Currently, my 24lb 11 month old is in size 4. He’s been in size 4 for at least 2 months because he’s super tall and has a very long body. I can almost cross the waist tabs over still, but the diapers are just tall enough that he’s not having blowouts….yet. If you’re unsure, grab a small pack of the next size up and give those a try. If that doesn’t work, experiment with different brands. I find even within the same brand, different styles fit so differently! Happy diapering, and maybe switch to non-footed sleepers.

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