It’s Winter, what do I do with my baby now?

By: Caroline Fernandez Winter 250

Baby, it’s cold outside! The weather shouldn’t keep you (or your baby) isolated from fun. Socializing, physical activity and change of view can help pass the wintery days (and beat away the baby blues).

Here are a few ideas on what to do with baby on colder days:

• Join a class. Parent & tot swimming, baby nutrition, library infant reading club. Joining a class puts an activity on your schedule on a regular basis. It makes you feel like you “have to go” even when you don’t want to go (and we know you feel better when you go!).
• Drop-in. Indoor playgrounds, musical circle time and child centre drop-ins are great destinations to get babies moving indoors.
• Swap care. Have your partner, Mom or friend watch the baby in the warmth of indoors while you go out.
• Run an errand – or three. Get done what you need to get done (within a sane timeframe). Whether it be bundling up baby and trekking for a loaf of bread or digging out the car to put baby in to get a haircut. Getting your to-do list done will feel accomplishing.
• Host a play date. Invite someone over for a cup of tea and talk (and sure they can bring their kids too). Socialization is good for the Mom’s soul.
• Walk a mall. You don’t have to shop to go to a mall (but you could). Stroller walking a mall moves your body…having your toddler walk a mall builds fatigue for a good nap.


Caroline Fernandez shares family friendly activities and tips on her site (Twitter: @ParentClub)

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