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Yoga for Two

The miracle of birth is indeed a miracle! But the following weeks of physical exhaustion from lack of sleep, constant mood swings brought on by raging hormones and feelings of depression and isolation make fully enjoying the miracle a challenge for some. Mommy and Baby Yoga is designed to help you stay connected, both with yourself and your baby, enjoying all life’s new miracles and discoveries along the way.

Body: Mommy and Baby yoga is designed to gently start re-introducing energizing, strengthening and soothing exercises to new moms. Standing poses, such as Triangle, Warrior I and II bring stability and strength back into the body; Eagle creates inner focus while stretching the upper body, and Fish opens the heart chakra. Included at the end of the article are a series of yoga asanas to strengthen the body.

Spirit: Most of us have heard of the positive benefits of yoga for connecting the body, mind and spirit in ourselves. But yoga also provides a great opportunity for new moms and their babies to connect spiritually. During pregnancy, it is apparent how the mood and emotions of the mother affect the baby within the womb. That connection doesn’t end with the birth. Yoga allows mother and baby to foster and build their spiritual connection, while starting to create independence and healthy boundaries. Mommy and Baby yoga also allows new moms to connect with women going through similar physical, emotional and spiritual changes.

Mind: Calming the mind in our hectic and busy lives is a challenge; but add in constant feedings, diaper changes, sleepless nights and raging hormones, and it seems impossible. Mommy and Baby yoga allow moms to create a calm and centered mind using pranayama (breath) exercises. By controlling your breath, it is believed by yogis, you can control your mind. Start by sitting cross-legged…anywhere you can, either with or without your baby. Then, without judgment, start to become aware of your breath. Slowly start to lengthen your inhalations and exhalations…working your way up to 4 or 5 counts for each. Then follow the below pranayama sequence.

  1. Inhale – Hold – Exhale (repeat 3-5 times)
  2. Inhale – Exhale – Hold (repeat 3-5 times)
  3. Inhale – Exhale (repeat 3-5 times)

Mommy and Baby Yoga classes are designed with new moms in mind…so take some time to connect with your baby, calm your mind, meet other new moms and start stretching and strengthening your body. Everyone benefits!





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